Strongest Black Bull Members Ranked on Magic & More

The Clover Kingdom is protected by the Magic Squads, with the Magic Emperor at its helm. One of the most peculiar and endearing squads amongst the nine existing in the Kingdom is the Black Bulls.

The Black Bulls is led by Yami Sukehiro and is well known for its destructive attempts of carrying out its missions. Although, after Asta’s inclusion into the squad, the Black Bulls have witnessed progress and better command over their conduct.

Here we have the members of the Black Bulls from the weakest to the strongest in descending order. This will give you insight into how well Black Bulls can fare against the Spade Kingdom’s mages.

Note: The article focuses on the skill set, power, and experience displayed by the Black Bull members to date in the manga. It has established the hierarchy in congruence with this information.

15. Vanessa

If it wasn’t apparent from her hat, Vanessa is a witch hailing from the Witches’ Forest and a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight. She uses Thread Magic to generate and manipulate threads; and is quite agile with incredible reflexes.

Vanessa utilizes her magic control, magic sensation, and intelligence to sway the combat towards her victory. She even displays expertise in healing magic.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Vanessa | Source: Fandom

While she often appears to be care-free, Vanessa cares a lot about her friends, resulting in her activating the Red Thread of Fate.

This spell is extremely overpowered as it tilts the events’ outcome in a more favorable direction for the user or the people they care about.

Vanessa's New Magic! | Black Clover
Vanessa’s New Magic!

But this spell is merely a catalyst and not attack-based, so she is excellent as a supporting mage but not so much as a vanguard resulting in her being placed last on this list.

14. Zora Ideale

Zora Ideale is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and the Royal Knights. He uses Ash magic to generate and manipulate ash, as well as Trap Magic to set magical traps.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Zora Ideale | Source: Fandom

Furthermore, he also possesses heightened speed and reflexes, enhanced endurance, and vast stores of magic power.

While due to his harsh past, he developed his present emo and tsundere behavior, it also gave him the ability to deduce his opponent’s personality through actions and attitude.

Zora vs Langris! | Black Clover
Zora vs Langris!

He displays keen intelligence with his ability to use the terrain of combat to his advantage and deception to gather information. However, in the end, he still falls short compared to others in the Black Bulls.

13. Grey

Grey is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight within the squad, who is slowly becoming one of the most mysterious members in Black Bulls since even her real name is unknown.

Grey uses Transformation magic, where she can transform herself into objects or other human beings. In addition to that, she can also transform things other than herself (including enemy spells).

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Grey | Source: Fandom

Grey’s power was not of much use initially; however, as the series progressed, her abilities were more fleshed out. Despite being a supportive mage, her abilities allow her allies to attack and take advantage of the opponent.

With the recent revelation of Grey’s magic property being something else entirely, it will be exciting to watch how she moves up this list.

12. Finral Roulcase

Finral is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and a nobleman from House Vaude. He uses the rare Spatial Magic where he manipulates space, as well as Reinforcement Magic to increase his physical abilities.

The main and only drawback of his Spacial Magic is that he can only create a portal to a place previously seen.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Finral Roulacase | Source: Fandom

His strengths lie in his magic control, his ability to sense magic, and his wit for combat.

The most notable spells used by Finral are the Fallen Angel Gate (creates a portal to space) and Fallen Angel’s Wingbeat (launches mass of spatial magic at the target sending them to different locations).

Despite his flirtatious and flighty personality, Finral has become more conscious of his strength after the showdown with his brother. Under the Black Bulls’ influence, he has developed his powers even further and can now truly threaten an enemy.

11. Gordon Agrippa

Gordon is truly one of the most colorful (not literally) members of Black Bulls, despite his near-muted voice. As a 1st class Junior Magic Knight and a Poison Magic-user, he can create and manipulate poison.

He also specializes in the use of Curse Magic, giving him the name ‘Hex Knight.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Gordon Agrippa | Source: Fandom

Gordon can create considerable steam of poison (Dwelling of the Poison Cloud) or even direct a liquidated state of poison towards his target.

Furthermore, he proves to be quite useful in inflicting curses, stopping and removing them.

Although Gordon does not stand out in terms of strength or intelligence, the magic he uses is extremely resourceful.

One of the most interesting spells by Gordon is Aufwachen Dachs, where he generates poison-filled badgers that can gnaw at magically reinforced corpses.

10. Magna Swing

Magna has one of the most interesting dynamics in Black Bulls, and his punk personality is even reflected in his magic.

As a 5th class Junior Magic Knight, he specializes in Fire Magic and can create and manipulate fire. One of his signature uses of Fire Magic involves fireballs – especially exploding ones.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Magna Swing | Source: Fandom

Magna even uses fire-based Restraining Magic to create restraints and Creation Magic, where he creates objects out of the fire. Along with the application of Reinforcement magic to increase his physical prowess, he is truly a well-rounded mage.

Furthermore, Magna’s enhanced reflexes and stamina complement his blazing abilities to create a highly durable and destructive force. With his fiery personality and abilities, Magna has excellent potential to progress even further.

9. Henry Legolant

Henry resided in the Black Bulls base long before it was even titled as such. He specializes in Recombination Magic, where he rearranges the rooms’ location and shape within the Black Bulls base.

Due to Henry’s curse that siphons magic from others, all the members except Asta need to maintain a distance from him. During fights, however, once he absorbs someone’s magic, it enhances his own attacks.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Henry Legolant | Source: Fandom

In light of this, Henry possesses large amounts of magic power to the point where heavy spells barely exhaust him. While he can be considered a double-edged sword, it is without a doubt that Henry adds to the Black Bulls’ strength.

8. Secre Swallowtail

The sassy black bird that followed and mocked Asta throughout the series turned out to be an exceptional mage that served the First Wizard King.

After Yami officially recruited her as a Black Bull member by the end of the elves arc, we had a chance to further witness her power.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Secre Swallotail | Source: Fandom

Secre uses Sealing Magic, where she’s able to open and close objects along with other spells.

She’s also exercised her abilities by sealing people in objects such as herself in the form of Nero. Her ability is extremely strong and was capable of keeping Lemial alive for centuries.

Furthermore, Secre can also perform Healing Magic and has an acute sense of Mana sensory. However, her magic type is less inclined towards direct and destructive attacks, thus placing her 8th on this list.

7. Gauche Adlai

Other than staring at his sister’s picture, Gauche has few interests. This unique (to say the least) personality of his has often led Gauche to be underestimated; however, that’s a huge mistake.

Gauche is a 1st class Junior Magic Knight and also a member of the House Adlai. He was the human host for elf Drowa, after which he retained some of the Mana.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Gauche Adlai | Source: Fandom

Gauche uses Mirror Magic to cast mirror-based spells that can reflect light and create mirror copies of something. The Mirror Magic can also be used to weaponize a ray of light and move between mirrors.

Along with his superior magical capacity and intelligence, he shows above-average levels of physical strength, magic control, and sensing. He has a mirror-gem embedded in his left eye, which accumulates magic and augments his spells.

Gauche can cast Real Double to call upon his reflection from the mirror world to fight with him and has multiple strong spells on top of that, making him a powerful Black Bulls member.

6. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva is a noblewoman of the House Silva, as mentioned by her a million times, and a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and Royal Knights.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

She uses Water Magic to generate and manipulate water, as well as Creation Magic to shape objects and entities out of water. She makes up for her weak physique with Reinforcement Magic and has already become a well-rounded mage.

Noelle possesses immense magical power as a noblewoman, and with the influence of the Black Bulls, she is improving her sense of accuracy and restraint, thus making her an even powerful opponent.

After facing powerful opponents such as Vanica, and the devils, she has grown even more powerful.

With her training in the Heart Kingdom, in the elves’ region, while she won’t change her tsundere act, Noelle is bound to surpass most on this list in terms of power.

5. Luck Voltia

Luck and his love to fight have gained him quite many fans throughout the series, and his presence ensures that there’s never a dull moment in the Black Bulls.

He is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and Royal Knights squad, as well as the former human host for the elf Lufulu.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Luck Voltia | Source: Fandom

Luck uses Lightning Magic to generate and manipulate lightning via his hands, further enhanced after the elf resurrection arc.

In addition, he uses Creation Magic to create objects out of lightning and Compound Magic to combine his power with someone else’s.

Luck is well known for his ability to sense magic from long distances, and he can even differentiate between the magical attributes within a group.

He displays high speed, which he enhances through Holy Lightning Boots and significant physical strength. His maniacal personality, as well as his capabilities, makes Luck a frightening opponent.

4. Charmy Pappitson

Charmy’s development was one of the most surprising ones in the series. As someone who appeared as a small child, loved food and had cotton as her magic, Charmy’s revelation as a dwarf-human hybrid shocked us all.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Charmy Pappiston | Source: Fandom

As of now, Charmy uses dual magic, i.e., Cotton Magic as well as Food Magic, both fearsome in their own rights. Furthermore, she also uses Reinforcement Magic to enhance her physical strength.

When Charmy awakened her dwarf powers through Food Magic, she manifested a giant wolf with a fork and knife capable of consuming spells and converting it into energy for the user.

This spell, called Glutton’s Banquet, proves the full potential of Food Magic, as it can give Charmy extreme power while making sure her energy is always at its optimum level.

Even when facing a strong opponent, it is highly likely that she will be the last person standing.

3. Asta

While the devil within Asta might not be the nine-tails, he certainly has sufficient power to make this ambitious kid one of the strongest characters in the Black Bulls.

His screaming and strength have grown side by side, resulting in Asta becoming a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Asta | Source: Fandom

He wields the rarest of the rare five-leafed clover Grimoire and can use Anti Magic – unique energy that can nullify other magic.

Since Asta does not possess magic, he is undetectable by magic-sensors, which he makes full use of in battles. He has also trained heavily to develop his swordsmanship, ki, as well as his speed, durability, and strength, all without the help of magic.

Asta vs Silva Siblings! | Black Clover
Asta vs Silva Siblings!

Asta also wields three swords: Demon-Slayer Sword, Demon-Dweller Sword, and the Demon-Destroyer Sword. Currently, he has a better command over his Black Asta form, which makes him quite formidable.

Under Nacht’s training, he is bound to gain better control over his Anti-Magic powers, and the day when he overcomes Yami is not too far away.

2. Nacht

Despite just making an appearance in the manga, Nacht has already climbed up this list. As the vice-captain of Black Bulls, his strength is second only to Yami and is enough to threaten even the other squads’ captains.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Nacht | Source: Fandom

Nacht is a Devil host like Asta and can access the power of four devils. He has been shown to use Shadow Magic to manipulate shadows in highly versatile ways, such as traveling between them and even restricting or controlling movements.

Similar to Spatial Magic, it has the capability of transporting the user or other people large distances away, and with the help of Creation Magic, it can form creatures and hands to attack or restrict targets.

Since Nacht has just been introduced, his full potential has not been revealed; however, he is without a doubt deserving of his position as the vice-captain.

1. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the strongest member of the Black Bulls and the captain of the squad.

He hails from a foreign country called Hino and uses Dark Magic to generate and manipulate the element of darkness. A remarkable advantage of his magic is that it is effective against devils and has the ability to absorb other magic.

Strongest Characters in Black Clover- Ranked!
Yami Sukehiro | Source: Fandom

He also uses the Reinforcement Magic to increase his physical prowess, which compensates for his Dark Magic’s slowness.

Yami is an incredible swordsman with polished magical skills and a sense of Ki – all displayed in his fight against Dante. He possesses an exceptional level of strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and power. 

Yami vs Third Eye! | Black Clover
Yami vs Third Eye!

With his newly learned Mana Zone and new spells such as Dark Hole & Black Moon, Yami is undoubtedly the pillar that supports the Black Bulls squad.

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