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The Clover Kingdom attracts enemies beyond its boundaries. Thus, the kingdom is protected by the Magic Squads led by the Magic Emperor.

Black Bulls is one of the nine squads of Magic Knights that serve the kingdom. Led by their captain Yami Sukehiro, they’re known for their destructive ways which pose more harm than the threat of the mission itself. With the addition of Asta to their squad, they’ve managed to have better command over their performances.

The following characters are ranked from weakest to strongest in descending order:

13 Grey

strongest black bulls members

Grey is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight within the squad. Her real name is unknown, and she uses Transformation magic, where she can transform herself into objects or other human beings. In addition to that, she can transform things other than herself(including enemy spells).

Although Grey does not possess incredible physical strength, exceptional intelligence and vast amounts of magic – she is skilled at controlling her magic. She even displays superior acting and observational skills as she can adapt the attitude and actions of the person she’s transformed into.

12 Finral Roulcase

strongest black bulls members

Finral is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and also, a nobleman from House Vaude. He uses the rare Spatial Magic where he manipulates space. The main drawback to this magic is that he can only create a portal to a place that he has seen previously. Finral also uses the Reinforcement Magic to increase his physical abilities.

His strengths lie in his magic control, his ability to sense magic and his wit for combat. The most notable spells used by Finral are the Fallen Angel Gate (creates a portal to space), and Fallen Angel’s Wingbeat (launches mass of spatial magic at the target sending them to different locations).

11 Vanessa Enoteca

strongest black bulls members

Vanessa is a witch hailing from the Witches’ Forest and a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight. She uses Thread Magic to generate and manipulate threads; and is quite agile with incredible reflexes. She is shown to be highly intelligent – enough to be a tactician when required. Vanessa utilises her magic control, magic sensation and intelligence to sway the combat towards her victory.

Vanessa’s Red Thread of Fate is a highly useful spell that tilts the outcome of the events in a more favourable direction for the user or the people they care about. But this spell is merely a catalyst and not attack-based. Along with her Grimoire, she also owns a wand to cast her magic.

10 Gordon Agrippa

strongest black bulls members

Gordon is a 1st class Junior Magic Knight and a user Poison Magic(used to create and manipulate poison). He also specialises in the use of Curse Magic. Gordon can create considerable steam of poison (Dwelling of the Poison Cloud) or even direct a liquidated state of poison towards his target. One of the most interesting spells by Gordon is Aufwachen Dachs, where he generates poison-filled badgers which can gnaw at magically reinforced corpses.

9 Magna Swing

strongest black bulls members

Magna is a 5th class Junior Magic Knight. Magna shows flexibility in his usage of Fire Magic to create and manipulate fire. He even uses Restraining Magic to create restraints that are flame-based. Along with these, he uses Creation Magic, where he creates objects out of fire and Reinforcement magic to increase his physical prowess. Finally, Magna is also capable of using Union Magic – he has combined his Fire Magic with Luck’s Lightning Magic. Magna equips a Grimoire and his Crazy Cyclone – a broom with a skull on its front. Magna’s enhanced reflexes and stamina complement his blazing abilities to create a highly durable and destructive force.

8 Gauche Adlai

strongest black bulls members

Gauche is a 1st class Junior Magic Knight and also a member of the House Adlai. Gauche uses Mirror Magic to cast mirror-based spells that can reflect light or even create mirror copies of something. The Mirror Magic can also be used to weaponise a ray of light and move between mirrors. He possesses a large amount of magic and is a highly intelligent combatant.

Even though his magical capacity and intelligence are superior, he still shows above-average levels of physical strength, magic control and sensing. Gauche uses his Grimoire to cast spells, and he has a mirror-gem embedded in his left eye which accumulates magic and augments his spells. Gauche can cast Real Double to call upon his reflection from the mirror world to fight with him.

7 Henry Legolant

strongest black bulls members

Henry is noble-born and a 5th class Junior Magic Knight from the Black Bulls Squad. Henry uses a magic house in combat. With the help of Recombination Magic, he rearranges the location and shape of the rooms within the magic house. Due to a curse, Henry siphons magic from others and is unable to consciously stop it. This magic adds up to the one he uses to cast spells. Henry resides within his magic house because his magic absorption is unstable outside it. In light of this, Henry possesses large amounts of magic power to the point where heavy spells barely exhaust him.

6 Zora Ideale

strongest black bulls members

Zora Ideale is a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and the Royal Knights. Zora uses Ash magic to generate and manipulate ash. He also uses Trap Magic to set magical traps – the time taken to draw the magic circles depend on the intricacies of the trap. Zora possesses heightened speed and reflexes, enhanced endurance, and vast stores of magic power.

Due to his harsh upbringing, he can deduce his opponent’s personality through actions and attitude. He displays keen intelligence with his ability to use the terrain of combat to his advantage and deception to gather information. Along with his Grimoire, Zora also holds a Rainbow Stink Bug that releases seven different odours.

5 Charmy Pappitson

strongest black bulls members

Charmy is a dwarf-human hybrid and a 1st class Junior Magic Knight from the squad. Charmy uses Cotton Magic to generate and manipulate cotton – big enough to carry her squad. She also uses cotton-based Creation and Restraining Magic. Charmy also makes use of Food Magic to consume other types of magic and Reinforcement magic to increase her physical strength.

She possesses a large stock of magic power that fluctuates according to her mood and requirements. Due to her biology as a hybrid, she has a dual affinity towards cotton and food. Two of her notable spells in both human and dwarf mode are Sheep Fluffy Cushion where she creates a ram that can launch an object at high speed. Another one is Glutton’s Banquet where a wolf generated, uses a fork and knife to stab and drag magic into her mouth.

4 Luck Voltia

strongest black bulls members

Luck is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls and Royal Knights squad. Luck uses Lightning Magic to generate and manipulate lightning through his hands. He uses Creation Magic to create objects out of lightning and Compound Magic to combine his power with someone else’s.

Luck and Magna Vs Vetto | Black Clover

Luck is well known for his ability to sense magic from long distances, he can differentiate between the magical attributes within a group. Luck displays high speed which he enhances through Holy Lightning Boots. He is also the human host of the elf Lufulu. Great physical strength, quality magic control and his refined sense of magic make Luck a formidable opponent.

3 Noelle Silva

strongest black bulls members

Noelle Silva is a noblewoman of the House Silva and a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bulls Royal Knights. Noelle uses Water Magic to generate and manipulate water. Also, she uses Creation Magic to create objects and entities out of the water and the Reinforcement Magic to increase her physical strength. Noelle possesses immense magical power and is improving her sense of accuracy and restraint, thus her an even powerful opponent. Along with her Grimoire, Noelle equips herself with a Wand and a Brooch for better magic control and a communication device that relays to the headquarters.

Noelle shows her true power |Noelle vs Solid

2 Asta

strongest black bulls members

Asta is a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight and the Royal Knights Squad. He wields the rarest of the rare five-leafed clover Grimoire and uses Anti Magic – unique energy that can nullify other magic. Asta does not possess magic, making him undetectable by magic-sensors. In light of this, Asta trained heavily to develop his skills – he is an exceptional swordsman with enhanced speed, durability and strength without the help of magic.

Black Clover Episode 100 – Asta and Yuno vs Licht

He displays a heightened level of instincts where he unconsciously modifies his body movements best suited for defence. He has also mastered the sense of Ki which allows him to use his sixth sense to distinguish unseen attacks and people. His inability to use magic prevents him from suffering from exhaustion that comes from draining magic. Asta wields three swords: Demon-Slayer SwordDemon-Dweller Sword and the Demon-Destroyer Sword.

1 Yami Sukehiro

strongest black bulls members

Yami Sukehiro is the captain of the Black Bulls Squad and one of the strongest characters in the Black Clover universe. He hails from a foreign country called Hino and uses Dark Magic to generate and manipulate the element of darkness. He usually channels this magic through his sword. A remarkable advantage of his magic is its ability to absorb other magic such as Light Magic. He also uses the Reinforcement Magic to increase his physical prowess which compensates for the slowness of his Dark Magic.

Yami vs. Charlotte Roselei – When Two Dark Magic Users Meeting [60FPS] ENG SUB

Along with that, he uses darkness-based Restraining Magic. Yami is an incredible swordsman with polished magical skills. He possesses an exceptional level of strength, speed, durability, reflexes and power. He has also mastered Ki wherein he uses his sixth sense to grasp and react to unseen attacks and people. Yami equips himself with his Grimoire, a katana from his homeland and a communication device. 

This is the hierarchy of the squad based on their skill set and power. You can go to this link if you want to know more about the magic of the Black Bulls Magic Knight Squad.

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