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Spy x Family Episode 11: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Episode 10 of “Spy x Family” pits the kindergarten classes of Eden College against each other in a brutally dramatic game of dodgeball.

There had been a rumor going around that whoever was crowned MVP of that game would be awarded a Stella Star. The rumor does wonders in getting the students pumped up for the competition.

Anya goes back to Yor’s hellish training in order to prepare for the game since she knew that Loid’s plan and, in turn, world peace depended on her getting that Star.

Episode 11 Speculations

Anya’s excruciating training and her drive to become the MVP for the Stella Star are quashed from not one but two fronts. Neither is she able to win the dodgeball game nor is anybody getting a star awarded for simply winning a game.

Anya is already desperate to help Loid with his mission and prove herself to him, but nothing seems to be working so far.

Spy x Family Episode 11: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Anya | Source: Official Website

The preview for the next episode, titled ”Stella”, does not give a whole lot to go for in terms of what to expect, but the title gives us an idea about what might be coming up.

Anya’s desperation for a Stella Star might just take over her rational thought, and she could end up doing something reckless since the final shot of the preview is of a drowning Anya. Stars and Bolts aside, I only hope that Anya does not hurt herself in this mad pursuit.

Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 11 of the Spy x Family anime, titled “Stella”, has been released on Saturday, Jun 18, 2022.

1. Is Spy x Family on Break This Week?

Episode 11 of Spy x Family will be released as per schedule. No delay has been announced.

Episode 10 Recap

The episode begins with a rumor going around that whoever becomes the MVP of the upcoming dodgeball tournament would be awarded a Stella Star.

The rumor psyches up Anya and Damian the most because Anya wants to help Loid save the world. Damian, on the other hand, just wants to get those stars to become an Imperial Scholar like his brother and be acknowledged by his father.

Spy x Family Episode 11: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Anya & Damian | Source: Official Website

In a moment of desperation, Anya and Damian decide to train for the match. While Anya undergoes Yor’s unrelenting regimen, Damian trains on the playground with Emile and Ewan.

The training proves to be rather important since they are up against a walking talking example of anabolic steroid abuse, Billy Watkins. Son of a command major, he is built like a poster model for Mr. Olympia and literally dwarfs the students on his team.

Calculating every throw, Billy wipes out the opposing team in batches. Nothing done by Damian and his friends is of any consequence, Billy is just too powerful. Billy relentlessly picks off everyone until one of his shots is about to hit Damian, but Emile sacrifices himself for the sake of the future, and Ewan follows soon after.

Billy decides to take down Anya before going back for Damian. Fortunately, Anya is able to react preemptively since she can read his mind. Her dodging makes Billy lose his temper as he goes in for a definite kill while Anya is down.

The hit that would have taken out Anya, maybe even permanently, is stopped by Damian, who had moved into the line of fire before he even knew what he was doing.

Damian is declared out as well. Now everything rests on Anya’s shoulders, and thankfully, Anya has just the weapon to take care of it all. The special move that Yor taught her, “Star Catch Arrow”. Anya goes through all the motions perfectly, only to ruin it at the very end.

Spy x Family Episode 11: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Anya Forger | Source: Official Website

Rather anticlimactically, Anya is declared out as well. Billy and his class win the match. The rumors were just rumors. No stars were going to be awarded for the match.

Billy expected his win to be celebrated with a Stella Star but instead got a Tonitrous Bolt for wishing death upon his schoolmates.

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