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Solo Leveling Chapter 178: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion

Chapter 177 of Solo Leveling starts with the rulers arriving to save Jin Woo and the planet. They had front row seats to an epic fight, but they just had to kill him right away.

He tells Antares that Ashborne sends his regards as he dies. By now, they’ve dissed each other more than actually fighting

Jin Woo asks the rulers if he can use the “Cup of Reincarnation” again to bring back to life the people who died. The rulers make it clear that the idea has more cons than pros. Will Jin Woo do it anyway? Here are the latest updates.

1. Chapter 178 Discussions and Predictions 

We finally got what we had been waiting for all this while. The rulers stepped in and blew Antares out of the water. Now everyone who had died in the war would come back to life because of Jin Woo’s sacrifice.

Solo Leveling Chapter 178: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Antares | Source: Fandom

Jin Woo did all of this work, fought almost to the death, and got the rulers to come in. Now he decides to bring back everyone to life, along with monarchs who will remember him and want revenge. Why does he also plan to fight solo? This doesn’t make any sense.

It seems unlikely he will be able to go on that date with his wife any time soon.

2. Chapter 178 Release Date                         

178 of the Solo Leveling manhwa webtoon’s season has been available to stream for free since Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021.

I. Is Solo Leveling on a Break This Week?                           

Chapter 178 of Solo Leveling is not on a break this week.

3. Chapter 178 Raw scans, Leaks

Usually, the raw scans are out two to three days before the official release. So please be sure to check back.

4.Chapter 177 Recap      

Antares is dumbfounded that Jin Woo could open a gate without him knowing. A lot of power would have been required to make the rulers come.

Jin Woo tells him that he used the vessel of rulers to communicate with them and gives Antares Ashborne’s regards.

Solo Leveling Chapter 178: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Jin Woo | Source: Fandom

The rulers spare no time in killing him, and as he dies, he tells them that he never had a chance to begin with. He shall wait to have his last say in his true eternal rest, and Jin Woo agrees they’ll meet again.

The rulers are grateful for what Jin Woo did and want to reward him. He requests the “Cup of Reincarnation” to turn back time.

It would mean that whoever has died in the massacre would be resurrected because they would never have been killed in the first place. For the higher beings, though, the memories from the life they died in would remain.

He still wants to go through with it and asks the rulers not to send anyone next time. He plans to take care of everything by himself in the dimensional gap. No one would even know about his sacrifice.

The rulers inform him that the cup’s durability has been significantly affected, and there will be no turning back time again if he loses.

5. Where to Read  Solo Leveling Webtoon?

6. About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a Korean Webtoon written by Chu Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak. It is adapted from the webnovel; I Alone Level Up. Kakaopage publishes it in South Korea and Piccoma in Japan.

Portals connecting the Earth to realms of monsters have opened up, and hunters defeat those monsters. Sung Jin Woo belongs to the lowest level of hunters, but after getting involved in a Dungeon quest, he alone can see quests like that of a game.

His journey to become the most powerful hunter and bring peace back to Earth begins.

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