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Slam Dunk Manga Returns in 2020 With New Illustrations

The hit ‘90s manga and anime series ended its run in 1996. But after a 24-year wait, a piece of news broke out by the original manga artist Inoue Takehiko himself. He will be getting the fans to jump in joy as they now have a reason to celebrate as Slam Dunk will be making a return in April 2020! The announcement includes some shiny coloured pages of work he has been working on:

[Notice] Real Jump 87 page 33 is published in this week’s issue of Young Jump. Tobira made a notice of the illustration collection on the opposite page like this. Later

English Translation

Quick Updates


Release schedule: April 2020

Pages: 130+

Special Features: 11 new illustrations specially created for this new release will also be included 

There are many sports manga out there like Kuruko’s Basketball, but the one that got Basketball going in Japan was Slam Dunk. It ended up being the only sports manga series of its time which expanded into a multimedia franchise including anime, action figures and toys.

The new issue is titled “PLUS/SLAM DUNK ILLUSTRATIONS 2”. It will be out just as the first quarter of 2020 ends, in April 2020 bringing the characters back in a nail-biting set of matches in a compilation of 130+ illustrations.

The release will also include 11 new illustrations, but those will not have a new story, seeing how the original one ended well back in 1996.

While we are definitely getting something new, it is not clear whether the series will be getting a new arc anytime soon or not. With that being said, the upcoming release will still surely reignite the same enthusiasm fans had for the original manga.

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