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Sitcom Hilda and Sitcom Zelda Appearing in Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is pulling all the big guns in its final season. In a surprise move, Netflix announced that horror drama would be coming to an end after the fourth season. Later a clip was released by the streaming giant that shows Hilda and Zelda, two beloved characters from Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossing over to the modern Greendale.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina-news
Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick with Melissa Joan Hart | Source: IMDb

Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick played Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda in the original show. These two were the ones who informed Sabrina Spellman (played by Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s show) that she was a half-witch. The duo became popular for their roles in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many fans were thrilled when they heard of the crossover.

From the clip, it seems that the two characters are reprising their roles- they arrive from a parallel dimension or an alternate universe, where Sabrina’s life is a sitcom – and they are accompanied by a laugh track! Given the theme of the show, not a lot of good can come from beings crossing over from alternate worlds.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina-news
Sabrina | Source: IMDb

When the show is crossing over with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, can the crossover with Riverdale be far behind? Or will the fans have to give up on this wish because of the show’s premature cancellation?

The fourth part of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will focus on The Eldritch Terrors that will descend on Greendale. The coven will have to face terrifying threats every episode, but will they be able to stop The Void- the End of All Things?

Part four arrives on Netflix on December 31st, 2020.

Check out the clip featuring Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick below:

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Pt 4 | Exclusive Clip: Sabrina Meets her New Aunties | Netflix

Do you watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Do you want the show to cross over with Riverdale?

About Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a horror drama that revolves around Sabrina Spellman, a teenager who discovers that she is a half-witch on her sixteenth birthday. She has to reconcile her witch and mortal self while fighting the evil that lurks in her town.

The show is based on the comic book Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Archie Comics.

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