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SINoALICE X Rozen Maiden Event is Here to Immerse You into Gothic Fantasy!

SINoALICE is back with another collaboration and this time with a hint of mystery. Rozen Maiden and its gothic fantasy plot will serve as the perfect playground for gamers!

With a brand new collaboration comes the chance to win new rewards! If you are a SINoALICE lover, then you already know that the ongoing collaboration is another golden chance to fill your pockets with twilight crystals.

SINoALICE has just confirmed a collaboration event with the Rozen Maiden series. A newly written special scenario will be featured in the game. The event will be hosted from 13th to 20th May 2021.

A new teaser has been posted for the collaboration in which we see the seven bisque dolls who are enclosed and sent to their chosen owners who will then have to battle with the owners of the other dolls.

SINoALICE X Rozen Maiden is a short-term event with long-term advantages as you get the chance to win tons of twilight crystals.

If the collaboration event reaches the goal of 50+ campaign posts, then all users will be receiving the 300 twilight crystals gift!

Rozen Maiden’s soundtracks and theme songs are well known, and they even have several compilation albums, singles, and radio dramas. SINoALICE will be using audio from the original soundtracks for this event!

Catch your favorite characters from Rozen Maiden once again in this famous RPG game. Jun Sakurada, the series’ protagonist, will receive a strange note “Will you wind?”. His answer will change the rest of his life as he is trapped in a world where dolls battle in an Alice game!

SINoALICE X Rozen Maiden Event is Here to Immerse You into Gothic Fantasy!
SINoALICE | Source: Official Website

SINoALICE has collaborated with various other anime and games. Its latest collaborations were with the isekai anime, Re: ZERO and a game from the same creator, NieR Replicant Redux.

So, what are you waiting for? Join in the fun by posting about the campaign and win twilight crystals that will help you in the game!


SINoALICE is a fantasy RPG by Pokelabo and Square Enix. Yoko Taro is the creative mind behind it. Its original design is by Jino.

The game takes place in a world called the “Library.” It is filled with countless stories and the characters of each story want to revive their author. They have to work together and fight against nightmares even though they have to eliminate each other in the end to survive.

About Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden is a manga by Peach-Pit. It was serialized from 2002 to 2007. It has received four anime adaptations from 2004 to 2013.

The plot is based on a doll makes named Rozen who made seven dolls. These dolls will be sent to their chosen owners who will fight the owners of the other dolls in a competition called Alice game.

Each doll has to collect the gems from the other dolls called Rosa Mysticas to become the perfect doll that will be called Alice. Jun Sakurada, a middle schooler, receives one such doll and becomes involved in the Alice Game.

Source: SINoALICE Official website

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