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Witness the All-New Kakegawa High in ‘Shoot! Goal to the Future’ Trailer

Shoot! is a series that resonated with every soccer fan out there as it is one of the earliest and finest anime based on the sport. Now the sequel anime, Shoot! Goal to the Future is here to continue its legacy.

It features a fresh protagonist Hideto Tsuji, a brand new Kakegawa’s golden trio, and a few familiar faces for that hint of nostalgia for veteran fans. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, I’m sure the trailers will.

Shoot! Goat to the Future has revealed a new promotional video for the upcoming sequel anime premiering this July. It also previews the show’s opening theme song, ‘Aoreido’ by Airi Miyakawa.

「シュート! Goal to the Future」本PV
“Shoot! Goal to the Future” book PV

The trailer features the new Kakegawa High Soccer Club with none other than Atsushi Kamiya as their coach. Kamiya used to be the old team’s co-captain and eventual captain after Kubo’s untimely and tragic demise.

He still has a cold demeanor but a soft spot for soccer. Kamiya might be strict with the new team to get them in shape, but deep down, he cares about them more than anything.

The video also has several scenes of the new protagonist trio consisting of Tsuji, Subaru Kurokawa, and Jou Kazama. It also shows some thrilling shots of the team during a match and the equally emotional scenes from their locker room.

Moreover, the franchise has also revealed a new key visual featuring Tsuji, Subaru, Jou, and Nomada High School’s Kouhei Kokubo with Kamiya in the backdrop.

[Book KV lifted]

The KV ban on “Shoot! Goal to the Future”, which started broadcasting in July, has been lifted

A moment before the battle between the main character Hideto who attends Kakegawa High School, teammate Kurokawa Fuma, and Hideto’s rival genius Kokubo.

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Official HP

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Kouhei is Tsuji’s childhood friend who went to England for studies but recently returned to Japan and joined Nomada High. Even though he’s from a rival team, Kouhei and the trio have a healthy friendship and don’t let their soccer rivalry come in between their bond.

I know how the majority of the OG fans don’t want to ruin the original Shoot! anime by watching the new one, but trust me when I say that the upcoming sequel will be just as good.

And who knows, maybe we’ll have some special cameo appearances by our old favorites.

About Shoot!

Shoot! is a soccer-themed manga, written and illustrated by Tsukasa Ooshima. It was serialized from 1990-2003 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The Shoot! manga has also inspired an anime that aired from 1993 to 1994. It aired a total of 58 episodes. A short anime film was also based on the manga, which was released in 1994.

Toshi is a high schooler who loves soccer. He, with his two other friends, Shiraishi and Hiramatsu, formed the Golden Trio of soccer in junior high. They were disbanded due to personal concerns, but they reunited in high school, and soon their team will play in the All-Japan High School Championship.

Source: Shoot! Goal to the Future Anime’s Official Website

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