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Shonen Jump Updates: Manga Volumes Release Delayed Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is currently plaguing the world. Due to concerns regarding the spread of the disease, first, large scale events were canceled, and now every non-essential operation is being shut down.

COVID-19 caused delays to the production of many anime and manga as the publishers, as well as the fans, insist that the delay is essential for the health of the production workforce. Shueisha recently posted an announcement regarding the delay of some prominent manga titles.

Currently, the following volumes have been delayed:

  • ONE PIECE Vol. 97 – 3rd July to 4th August
  • My Hero Academia Vol. 27 – 4th June to 3rd July
  • Black Clover Vol. 25 – 4th June to 3rd July
  • The Promised Neverland Vol. 19 – 4th June to 3rd July

Previously manga titles such as Demon Slayer Volume 20, Haikyu!! Volume 43 and many more have been postponed. This started when an employee in the Shonen Jump office was reported to have returned home because he was feeling under the weather.

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In order to nip any possible ill situation in the bud, the Shonen Jump office started sending their employees to work from home, which severely impacted the production schedule.

This comes as no shock as many anime, manga, and events have been canceled or postponed in order to battle the ever-growing threat of COVID-19.

About Shonen Jump

On September 22, 2014, the free Shōnen Jump+ mobile app and website was launched in Japan. It sells digital versions of the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, simultaneous with its print release, and tankōbon volumes of individual Jump series past and present.

However, it also has extensive samples of the manga that can be read for free. There are also series that are serialized exclusively on the app, which, unlike in Shonen Jump, maybe aimed at adult men or women. These exclusive series are later published in print tankōbon volumes under the Jump Comics+ imprint.

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