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‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ New Trailer Teases High School Romance and Ninja Action

Parents often forget to tell us things about our families and relatives unless the topic comes up. Likewise, Shinobi no Ittoki’s protagonist, Ittoki Sakuraba’s parents failed to tell him that he not only belongs to a ninja clan but is also the next heir. That’s a pretty big thing to not reveal.

Ittoki eventually finds out the truth but not before the enemy ninja clan tries to assassinate him. Now, Ittoki has to train extra hard to stay alive, and that too in a special ninja academy.

The upcoming original anime Shinobi no Ittoki has revealed a new promotional video for the show’s October 2022 release. It features new characters from Ittoki’s school life and some incredible ninja action.

TROYCA×DMM picturesオリジナルアニメ『忍の一時』ティザーPV第2弾
TROYCA x DMM pictures Original animation “Shinobi no Ittoki” teaser PV 2nd

Ninjutsu Gakuen is Japan’s only national ninja institution which looks like a regular school but trains aspiring shinobis of the country. Here, Ittoki is training to be a fine Iga ninja and befriends some friendly people like Teruyoshi Kisegawa, Ryoko Suzuno, and Satomi Tsubaki.

But his dream of a fun-filled high school experience shatters when his childhood friend and fellow Iga ninja, Kōsetsu tells him about a traitor at the school.

Right after Kōsetsu reveals this to Ittoki, we see some badass and thrilling ninja combat as they protect their 19th heir from harm and train him too.

Additionally, the website has unveiled a wholesome visual featuring Ittoki, Kōsetsu, Satomi, Teruyoshi, and Ryoko.

'Shinobi no Ittoki' New Trailer Teases High School Romance and Ninja Action
Shinobi no Ittoki Key Visual | Source: Official Website

It would be unfair if we didn’t reveal the cast for these interesting supporting characters after talking about them so much, so here it is:

CharacterCastOther Works
Teruyoshi KisegawaAoi YukiTsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)
Ryoko SuzunoHitomi Sekine--
Satomi TsubakiMiyu TomitaMiko Iino (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

The casting and trailer have made me even more excited for the anime, and I’m sure it’s the same for you all too.

About Shinobi no Ittoki

Shinobi no Ittoki is an original anime series by TROYCA and DMM Pictures. As the name suggests, the series is about ninjas.

The story focuses on Ittoki, a high schooler who suddenly becomes an assassination target. He somehow saves himself but soon realizes that he is the heir of the Iga ninja clan. The Koga clan wants to kill him, and he has to train to save his life.

Source: Shinobi no Ittoki Anime’s Official Website

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