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Shigaraki’s First Murder Revealed in MHA

There have already been some disturbing deaths in My Hero Academia. But today we are going to discuss Shigaraki’s first murder. Before this, let’s discuss My Hero Academia Season 4.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Events

The Big 3 will reveal their quirks or their super abilities in a big way. In
the third season, we saw Mirio of the Big 3 has the ability to permeate. Of
the other 2, the first is Hado and her quirk is- Wave Motion and the second
is Amajiki and his quirk is the power of Manifest. The terrifying villain-
The Overhaul will make his mark in this season and we expect something
substantial from him. He can overtake his targets and even the strongest
villain till now ALL FOR ONE admires him. We will get a chance to
see great action in Season 4. Our protagonist Izuku Midoriya will fight
Overhaul. Who will win? Midoriya or Overhaul?

Shigaraki’s First Murder

Over the weekend, chapter 236 released and finally we learnt the most disturbing part of Tomura Shigaraki’s history. It turns out Shigaraki’s father was the unlucky victim of his rage. He can turn anyone or anything he touches into dust. Recently, My Hero Academia revealed the darkest side of Shigaraki. Shigaraki is responsible for the death of his own family. By mistake or because of his quirks, he killed his childhood dog first. This undesired kill traumatized Shigaraki. This continues and he kills his sister, mother and grandparents by mistake too. Thanks to this, Shigaraki’s dad tried to keep away from him. Shigaraki found himself fed up with his father’s abusive actions and murdered him brutally.

This explains a lot about why Shigaraki’s behaviour is so strange and erratic. What do you think of Shigarakis tendencies? Let us know in the comment section.

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