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Shigaraki’s Evolution Of Quirk Revealed

Recent events of My Hero Academia’s Manga revolve around the villain centric arc. Shigaraki is doubtlessly the focus character of this arc since he is, after all, the leader of the league of villains. We already know that he is as deadly as a nemesis. But does we know that how much he grows in the manga? How much he has evolved since his first murder? Do you know the reason behind his strange and erratic behaviour? Let’s find out.

Recently, My Hero Academia revealed the darkest side of Shigaraki… as if he needed a darker side. Shigaraki is responsible for the death of his own family. By mistake or because of his quirks, he killed his childhood dog first. This undesired kill traumatized Shigaraki. This continues and he kills his sister, mother and grandparents by mistake too. His father distanced himself from Shigaraki in the wake of his murderous behaviour. Shigaraki found himself fed up with his father’s abusive actions and murdered him brutally too. His first intentional murder was thus, his father.

As we all know that the manga is covering a villain centric arc. As for the recent events- Shigaraki found himself marked by the other group of villains. This group is known as Meta Liberation. Meta Liberation is far more organised than the group Shigaraki has. This is a huge disadvantage for Shigaraki. Re-Destro, the leader of Meta Liberation is really strong and is the driving force behind his organised gang of villains. Events leading up to Baddie (from Meta Liberation) actually cutting 2 of Shigarakis fingers.

Shigaraki we know, can’t use his quirk with an injured hand putting him at a great disadvantage. He isn’t supposed to be able to decay someone with his 2 remaining fingers though shockingly, this is what he did. He decays a hand of Re- Destro with just his remaining fingers. This emphasises the level of evolution Shigaraki has gone through. He evolves to the point where he doesn’t need all of his fingers to use his quirk. He doesn’t need his 5 fingers to decay someone or something any longer.

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