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Get Spooked with ‘Shadows House’ Anime’s Full-Length Trailer

Mysteries in the Shadows House are endless, but that doesn’t stop Emilico and Kate from solving them. If there’s something fishy going on, you bet that these two will be the first ones to sense it.

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That’s what the anime’s upcoming season is about. A mysterious robed entity has been wandering the halls of Shadow House, and unexplainable stuff has started happening ever since Emilico and Kate have spotted it.

There’s only one way to know the whole truth, and the wait for it is finally over. Shadows House anime has revealed season 2’s premiere on July 8 with a full-length promotional video.

Book PV lifted

TV animation

“#Shadow House 2nd Season”


Act 2 Opening

-There is still a “secret” in this building-

2022.7.8 ON AIR

Official site

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The trailer begins with Emilico’s monologue over scenes of the Living Dolls doing their daily chores of cleaning the mansion. It picks up pace as the anime’s ending theme song ‘Masquerade’ by ClariS is previewed.

As the video progresses, the robed figure is teased as Scorches or evil soot monsters start to appear. It also shows the Living Dolls living in misery and planning to fight for their rights and uncover the secrets of the mansion and the Shadows.

In the end, Rosemary is shown to have been infected with soot sickness as the Scorches start attacking the Dolls. Emilico, Barbie, and the others fight back as the anime’s opening theme song ‘Shall We Dance?’ by ReoNa, is previewed in the background.

The Dolls resolve to find out the truth behind the attack and save their respective Shadows from whatever threat they are about to face.

Moreover, the franchise has also unveiled a key visual featuring Emilico, Barbie, and Rosemary with their respective Shadows, Kate, Barbara, and Maryrose.

It was

TV animation

“#Shadow House 2nd Season”

2022.7.8 ON AIR decision !!!

Key visual ban lifted

Kate, Emilyco

And a mysterious shadow in a robe …

The official website has also been renewed

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Season 2 looks like it’s going to steal the limelight from every other anime this year due to the thrilling storyline and action it’s offering.

I’m really looking forward to how this one ends and the identity of the robed entity.

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About Shadows House

Shadows House is a slice of life supernatural manga by Soumatou. It was first released in Weekly Young Jump in September 2018.

The anime takes us to the mysterious, western-style mansion populated by a clan of “Shadows,” who imitate the trappings of human aristocracy. The Shadows have no faces and are attended by “Living dolls.”

The story follows Emiriko, a doll who serves Living Shadow Kate. Apart from being her maid, Emiriko is expected to become Kate’s “face” once her mistress is old enough to be introduced to the other mansion residents.

Source: Shadows House Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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