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Shadows House Anime Confirms 13 Episodes and BluRay, DVD Release with Awesome Special Benefits

Shadows House, the creepy new anime from CloverWorks, has just revealed its DVD and BluRay release info.

Why am I calling it creepy? Well, imagine living as a maid in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, and your masters are just a bunch of shadow-like beings. I think you’ll get my point.

The mansion has many secrets that cannot be disclosed to others. Even Emilkyo, the protagonist, is a living doll created for the sake of her master.

The Shadows House anime is listed with a total of 13 episodes. The anime premiered today and is streamed by Funimation.

Shadows House Anime Confirms 13 Episodes & BluRay, DVD Release with Awesome Special Benefits
Shadow House | Source: Crunchyroll

BluRay and DVD versions of the anime will be released in 6 volumes. Each volume will contain two episodes each except the 6th volume, which will contain episodes 11, 12, and 13.

Limited Edition BluRay volumes 1-5 are priced at $ 70.51, while the limited edition DVD volumes will cost $60.18. BluRay volume 6 is priced at $ 80.24.

Release dates of each volume are listed below:

Volume No.Release Date
Volume 123rd June 2021
Volume 228th July 2021
Volume 325th August 2021
Volume 429th September 2021
Volume 527th October 2021
Volume 624th November 2021

Special privileges like playing cards, sticker sets, badges, key chains, clear files, etc., differ from store to store. You can buy the volumes of Rakuten Books, Animate, Amazon Japan, Aniplex+, and other stores.

The credit-less opening and ending themes are also revealed. The OP is “a hollow shadow” by Kenichiro Suehiro.

Opening Theme “A Hollow Shadow”

The ending theme is “Nainai,” and ReoNa performs it.

Ending Theme “Nainai”

The first episode of Shadows House has just been released, and we can’t wait to see the journey that the anime takes us on.

About Shadows House

Shadows House is a slice of life supernatural manga by Soumatou. It was first released in Weekly Young Jump in September 2018.

The anime takes us to the mysterious, western-style mansion populated by a clan of “Shadows,” who imitate the trappings of human aristocracy. The Shadows have no faces and are attended by “Living dolls.”

The story follows Emiriko, a doll who serves Living Shadow Kate. Apart from being her maid, Emiriko is expected to become Kate’s “face” once her mistress is old enough to be introduced to the other mansion residents.

Source: Shadows House Official Website

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