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Seven Deadly Sins movie Prisoners of the Sky

The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky may not exceed expectations, but it is what it is: a decent shounen filler movie. The movie is technically an excellent input for the fans who engage in this fandom religiously. It takes place after the events of season 2; therefore, all of the Seven Deadly Sins are present in the film and earn their action screen time.

The plot begins with the team attempting to find an elusive creature, the sky fish, for the celebration of the King’s birthday. In an attempt to do so, Meliodas and Hawk come across a spring that transports them to the world of the Sky Palace that exists above the clouds. The Sky Palace hosts the descendants of the Goddess Clan – the Celestials – who are gearing up to defend themselves from the awakening of a beast prophesied 3000 years ago.

To stir the pot, the head warrior’s son from Sky Palace, Sorada, escapes to Earth to find The Great Oshiro who is supposed to help defend them. The comedic element to this is that Meliodas and Sorada look precisely the same and therefore, end up switching places. It’s quite funny and interesting to see how their different personalities send ripples in each other’s worlds. Well obviously, the story must escalate from finding the “sky fish” to battling the Six Knights of Black – the antagonists who wish to exterminate the Celestials and awaken the beast.

The plot, if analyzed, is entirely predictable and underdeveloped. It does not provide any substance to the viewer or the series in terms of plot. It does not even attempt to develop the characters as a mini-arc. You could say it’s like watching your superheroes work themselves around a different context. The setting may be refreshing, but the characters are familiar and just the same.

Same as always, Meliodas’ unfazed attitude to the change in environment and society of Sky Palace is quite comical. The comedic events masked the weak, all which ultimately give way to the final battle. My interest in the movie spiked tenfold once the final battle began. Along with the soundtrack and the powers of the Seven Deadly Sins, especially Meliodas’ – the battle was a thrill. Considering that the animation director was Noriyuki Abe (Bleach), it’s no surprise. Hiroyuki Sawamk and Takafumi Wada do a great job in enhancing the battle scenes with their soundtrack.

There wasn’t any palpable tension to the battle, but it was fun to see the characters back in action with style. The movie successfully connected the lore of the series to the plot regarding the war and where the Celestials stand. They attempted to bring a moral conflict through Meliodas’ heritage of the Demon Clan who are despised by the Celestials yet that was fleeting and evoked little emotion. If they had developed that conflict better, it might have added depth to the plot.

All in all, the movie is a fun action no brainer movie for the Seven Deadly Sins’ fans who’d like to enjoy another journey with the characters. If you want to check the details for Season 3 – Nanatsu no Taizai S03 is Coming!

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