Selection Project Releases A New Key Visual

As an idol x audition x reality show multimedia project, Selection Project takes you on a flashy idol journey.

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Based on a national idol competition, Selection Project has gained a large following since its debut in October 2021.

The ongoing anime has us gripping our seats as we reach the last few episodes of its 12-episode run.

The official Twitter account for the modern idol anime released a brand new key visual featuring the nine main characters.

◪ 6th key visual released ◪

“Grab. To make your dreams come true.”

The final judging is a final live performance by 7 selected people. It is really _____ that is chosen.

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With a caption that reads “The final judging is a final live performance by 7 selected people”, we’re reminded of how near the finals are.

This beautiful poster starring the nine talented girls makes you wonder why none of the girls are smiling.

Is this foreshadowing of what’s to come?

The cheerful protagonist, Suzune Miyama, aspires to impress. Rena, Hiromi, Nagisa, Nodoka, Ao, Shiori, and Mako are all competing for the top spot alongside her!

Who will come out on top and become everyone’s favorite idol?

Let’s take a look at Selection Project’s third promotional video to refresh our minds of the main cast members.

【セレプロ】TVアニメ「SELECTION PROJECT」第3弾PV【10月1日(金)放送START!】
[SELECTION PRO] TV animation “SELECTION PROJECT” 3rd PV [October 1st (Friday) broadcast START! ]

Selection Project is produced by the iconic studio, Doga Kobo. Directed by Daisuke Hiramaki, this slice of life anime has us rooting for aspiring idols.

Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of Selection Project on Funimation!

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About Selection Project

Selection Project is an anime by Doga Kobo that is based on a national idol competition. It is based on KADOKAWA’s idol x audition x reality show multimedia project.

The series focuses on Suzune Miyama, a young girl who aspires to be an idol. She participates in the 7th SELECTION PROJECT where only a few stars are chosen from thousands of candidates.

A passionate journey of girls determine to prove themselves is shown in the series.


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