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Lock Picking Master Saru Set to Return from Hiatus in Reboot Manga!

Saru is a man of basic needs; he wishes to pick up idols as quickly as he picks up any lock!

Many manga series revolve around one particular skill or ability; it could sometimes be as simple as a rubber body as Luffy or as complex as Chrollo Lucifer

With Yataro Sarumaru, it’s as simple as picking a lock. He is also the main character of the Saru Lock manga, written by Naoki Serizawa. Using his exceptional skill, Saru finds himself solving mysterious cases while trying his luck with girls.

According to Saru Lock’s mangaka, Naoki Serizawa, the long hiatus for the Saru Lock Reboot manga is finally over. The manga will resume this summer. 

The serialization of “Saru Lock REBOOT” is scheduled to resume from around summer!

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Though the mangaka has not given the exact date for the release, fans are excited!

Saru Lock Reboot started in Shonen Gahosha’s Young King Bull magazine in October 2018, with four volumes published up to this date. The latest volume was published in November last year when the series went on a hiatus. 

Serizawa announced the hiatus for the Reboot series when he started the spinoff series titled, Saitō – Aiming High in Heaven’s Crow. The spin-off story follows Saito as a middle schooler before he met Jin and Tetsuro.

The early May issue of the Saito revealed that the manga would reach its climax on June 4, 2021. 

The original Saru lock manga was released in 2003. It came to an end with 22 volumes that Kodansha published in 2009. The series was later adapted into a live-action movie and TV series. 

With the ending of the spinoff series, Serizawa finally has time to devote to the Saru lock Reboot. Fans are excited about the new release of the manga.

About Saru Lock

Saru Lock is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Serizawa. It was adapted into a television drama in 2009 and a live-action film in 2010.

Yataro Sarumaru, nicknamed “Saru”, is an average high school boy who daydreams about idols but otherwise has no luck with girls.

While working with his father, a locksmith, he gained exceptional skills to pick just about any lock.

Using his exceptional skills, Yataro then finds himself solving various mysterious cases, while also trying his luck with the girls.

Source: Mangaka Serizawa Official Twitter

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