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Sakugan TV Anime Previews its Opening Theme in the New Trailer Video

Just like how many of us grew up dreaming of exploring and inhabiting Mars, the protagonist of Sakugan Labyrinth Markers, Memenpu, shares a similar dream of developing the unexplored ‘Labyrinth’, and making it suitable for living.

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The Sakugan Labyrinth Marker anime will revolve around the human trait of exploring the unknown, that led Eren to explore the world beyond the walls, that led Emma and her friends to escape the farm, and in a broader aspect, that which resulted in the human evolution you see today.

Good news for all the adventure lovers out there, this anime has released its first trailer video!

On Tuesday, the official website for Sakugan anime started streaming an English-subtitled promotional video for the anime. The anime will debut in fall 2021.

SAKUGAN (2021) - Official Trailer | English Sub
SAKUGAN (2021) – Official Trailer | English Sub

The video features the anime’s opening theme song Kо̄kotsu Labyrinth (Enchanted Labyrinth) by Masaaki Endoh. We get to see Hiroki Touchi entrusting his dreams to his daughter, Memempu.

The video also introduces us to some of the monsters and robots that we can expect from the anime. However, apart from all these robot fights, the anime will have some emotional and heart-warming moments.

Thai YouTuber MindaRyn will perform the ending theme song “Shine.” We are already aware of the cast and staff details:

PositionStaffOther Works
StudioSatelightLog Horizon
DirectorJunichi WadaFairy Tail
Character DesignYuji IwaharaDarker than Black
Sakugan TV Anime Previews its Opening Theme in the New Trailer Video
Sakugan | Source: Crunchyroll

A previously released visual revealed the underground colony, Pin-in, where Gagamba and his daughter live.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the father and daughter’s epic journey into an unexplored world that is continuously being threatened by deadly monsters. Will Memenpu live up to the faith that her father entrusted upon her?

About Sakugan

Sacks&Guns!! is an upcoming Japanese anime television series produced by Satelight. It is an adaptation of the novel Sakugan Labyrinth Marker, written by Nekotaro Inui.

It follows the journey of curious nine-year-old Memenpu and her father, Gaganba, who is not good at anything.

One day, Memempuu pleads with Gaganbar, a cave examiner who makes maps of the internal part of Labyrinth, to go travel together with her to find her mother.

As a ‘marker,’ Gaganbar holds the most dangerous yet attractive profession.

The area outside the colony is deemed to be dangerous and meeting a huge mysterious creature that loiters the cave, one’s chance of living cuts down to five percent.

Since it is a dangerous racket to explore the unknown world, the map they hold is valuable and can be sold at a high price. However, is the price for their curiosity higher? What could be the cruel truth that is hidden among them?

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