Sakamoto Days Sets Perfect Beginning to Action-Comedy Manga

“Sakamoto Days” is the latest addition to the Shounen Jump line-up. The action-comedy manga seems quite similar to recent mega-hits like Way of the House Husband and Spy X Family.

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But unlike the other two, “Sakamoto Days” feels more like a gag manga to which the author gives a supernatural touch by introducing a character who can read minds.

The story follows an infamous and feared Hitman, Tora Sakamoto, who switches to a completely opposite peaceful lifestyle after falling in love with a convenience store owner.

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The way the author builds Sakamoto’s character through his actions and reactions, without him speaking a single word, is fun to read. Chapter 1 appears to be a retelling of the 2019 one-shot upon which this series is based.

1. Similarities with Way of the House Husband

Sakamoto Days seems to be inspired by Way of the House Husband. It’s like Tatsu’s role being played by a chubby John Wick.

The author adds some supernatural elements to it by introducing a character who can read minds. It is expected that we will get to see other such supernatural abilities as the manga continues.

2. Sakamoto’s History

Sakamoto, the Ultimate Assassin, was feared throughout the underworld. In his career as a hitman, he has taken countless lives, but he finally decides to settle down with his wife and abandon the underworld.

Currently, he is a family man with a daughter and a convenience store to take care of. To top it all, he has gained a lot of weight since he left his previous job.

Sakamoto Days Sets Perfect Beginning to Action-Comedy Manga
Tora Sakamoto | Source: Viz Media

However, he can still be a threat to even the most skilful assassins. Despite his plump body, he is fast as ever and has a collection of firearms in his store’s basement.

The underworld boss is searching for him because he abandoned the organization. He sends another hitman, Shin, to bring him back and terminate him if he disagrees.

3. First Encounter with Shin

Shin, titled “The Clairvoyant,” is quite infamous in the underworld. He can read the minds of anyone close to him.

He witnesses a glimpse of Sakamoto’s power when he pierces the carotid artery of a man with just a ballpoint pen. However, Sakamoto refuses Shin’s offer to come back to the underworld.

Shin’s boss orders him to assassinate Sakamoto, or other assassins will be sent to get the job done. Shin breaks into Sakamoto’s store to kill him but gets overpowered by him. He realizes that he is no match for Sakamoto.

Sakamoto’s family treats Shin’s wounds and offers him warm food. He finally understands that the greatest assassin left the underworld to protect the happiness that one gets with a family.

4. Shin’s Change of Mind [SPOILER]

Shin has always admired Sakamoto, and seeing this transformation from a cold-blooded hitman to a lovable family man moves him. Shin pleads with his boss to let Sakamoto live.

The boss rejects his plea and orders his men to kill Shin. Soon Shin finds himself surrounded by guns pointing at him. But, he is willing to die to save the person he admires.

To his surprise, Sakamoto appears and takes down all the men in an instant. Sakamoto saves him and offers him to work at his store at 800 yens per hour.

Sakamoto Days Sets Perfect Beginning to Action-Comedy Manga
Sakamoto Days | Source: Fandom

Shin agrees to this proposal and manages to win the heart of the customers in no time. He admits that his current job is far better than his previous one.

5. What’s Next?

A new chapter of this manga will be released every Sunday. Chapter 2 will focus on Shin’s life as a storekeeper. With his ability to read customer’s minds, he will win over them in no time.

It is expected that people from the underworld will try to interfere in their peaceful lives, forcing the two skilled ex-hitmen to unleash their killing spirits.

6. Where to Read Sakamoto Days

7.About Sakamoto Days

“Sakamoto Days” is a comedy-action manga by Yuto Suzuki published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The author is already known for two successful one-shots, Garaku and Locker Room.

The first chapter of this manga series was released on November 21, 2020. The story follows the Ultimate Assassin, Taro Sakamoto, who shifts to a much more peaceful lifestyle after falling in love with a convenience store owner.

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