Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online

Sakamoto and Uzuki defeated Kindaka in chapter 110 of Sakamoto Days, titled “Mission.”

Well, it wasn’t as tough as it looked. Kindaka put up an interesting fight at the beginning of the chapter, but just like any other shounen, he failed to get past the protagonist’s plot armor.

Uzuki’s interruption helped Sakamoto a lot. Although it was a pretty short chapter, it was mildly fun. Uzuki understood how to get past Kindaka’s speed, and Sakamoto seized the opportunity to put him down.

Here are the latest updates.

1. Chapter 111 Speculations

Kindaka will provide us with some information in chapter 111 of Sakamoto Days. We will get to know about the order that he was talking about. He is full of mysteries, and I am excited to see them unravel.

We are still in the flashback, and I feel it will continue for a long time. Now that Sakamoto and Nagumo have put down their target, it is possible that the chapter will be all about exposition.

However, I think Kindaka might get back up to fight them again. It will be interesting if that happens.

2. Chapter 111 Release Date

Chapter 111 of the Sakamoto Days manga has been released on Sunday, Mar 19, 2023. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

I. Is Sakamoto Days on break this week?

No, Sakamoto Days is not on break this week. Chapter 111 will be released as per schedule.

3. Chapter 111 Raw Scans, Leaks

Raw scans of chapter 111 of Sakamoto Days have not been released yet. The raw scans surface one to two days before the chapter’s release, so be sure to return and check.

4. Where to read Sakamoto Days?

5. Chapter 110 Recap

Even after getting badly hit, Kindaka still stands up and asks the trio whether they want to join the order. After some stretching, he rushes and attacks the three boys.

Nagumo tries to attack him with a knife, but Kindaka kicks him far away, telling him not to underestimate his elder. Nagumo decides to rest and strategize as he thinks his teacher has tricked him.

Akao attacks Kindaka, but he knows that she has a special vision. So he creates a trap, causing some liquid into her eyes. Sakamoto immediately pushes him into a lift.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online
Fighting in Close Quarters | Source: Manga

He claims that speed doesn’t matter in a confined space, but Kindaka differs and starts moving around at super speed. Sakamoto manages to land a blow on his face.

This is when Kindaka decides to shift to max gear. He increases his speed so much that Sakamoto can’t catch him. When Kindaka is about to attack Sakamoto, Uzuki comes out of nowhere, halting his run and causing him to change directions.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online
Uzuki Interrupts | Source: Manga Plus

Uzuki tells others that one can anticipate a fast-moving person’s attack based on the surrounding. Sakamoto grabs this opportunity and grabs Kindaka in a long flag.

He spins him around for some time and throws him away, finally putting a rest on the old man’s marathon.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 111 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online
Enemy Down | Source: Manga Plus

6. About Sakamoto Days

“Sakamoto Days” is a comedy-action manga by Yuto Suzuki published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The author is already known for two successful one-shots, Garaku and Locker Room.

The first chapter of this manga series was released on November 21, 2020. The story follows the Ultimate Assassin, Taro Sakamoto, who shifts to a much more peaceful lifestyle after falling in love with a convenience store owner.


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