Ch 51 of Sakamoto Days Teases Epic Showdown of Takamura Vs. Gaku, Slur

Chapter 51 of Sakamoto Days gives us hope to see old man Takamura in action in the next chapter. The last panel was basically a trap for all readers to die in suspense.

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Gaku and Takamura are going to give us a slicing and dicing show soon. I hope that at least JAA’s building (if not employees) gets spared in this death game.

When Slur and Gaku entered JAA, no one expected them to even go past the second floor. To their surprise, the duo cleared three floors in two minutes. (I pity the janitor guy.)

It’s a shame that an organization that trades in assassins is getting wiped out so quickly. Gaku killed the combatants as easily as swatting flies.

Slur is also revealed to have several moles in the JAA who have been waiting for his orders. So now the crazy guy has followers, although I doubt how powerful they are.

So the next fight is going to be between Gaku and Takamura. Takamura might take down Gaku easily and face Slur immediately afterward.

Sakamoto is also on his way to the JAA, so a three-way fight is bound to occur soon.

Since Takamura has never fought in the manga before, this is the first time his real skills will be shown. We are about to get a solid idea about his strength.

Slur’s minions might try to obstruct Sakamoto, but we all know how futile that is going to be. The next chapter will give us an epic showdown between Takamura, Gaku, and Slur, and I’m all for it.

About Sakamoto Days

“Sakamoto Days” is a comedy-action manga by Yuto Suzuki published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The author is already known for two successful one-shots, Garaku and Locker Room.

The first chapter of this manga series was released on November 21, 2020. The story follows the Ultimate Assassin, Taro Sakamoto, who shifts to a much more peaceful lifestyle after falling in love with a convenience store owner.

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