Catch Demon King Oda Nobunaga in Action with Rusted Armors’ Trailer

The warring states period of Japan, better known as the Sengoku era, was when legends were born from Demon King Oda Nobunaga to the legendary land of Ashina. 

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Though some legends are more accurate than others, this upcoming anime titled  “Rusted Armors” tries its best at blending the real with the imaginary.

It follows a tale of “Saika Ikki,” a real-life mercenary group who fought against the Oda Nobunaga and earned themselves a place in history along the way. 

Today, the official website for ‘Rusted Armors’ television anime began streaming the first promotional trailer featuring the cast. The anime will air in January 2022.  

The first PV of the January 2022 anime “Sabiiro no Armor -Dawn-“

Though I am a sucker for historical anime, the trailer with its 3DCG animation has honestly damped my expectations. Seeing the legendary mercenary Suzuki Magoichi against a sloppy background is genuinely upsetting.  

The most redeeming aspect of the trailer has to be its action choreography and the cast members’ excellent performances.  

The cast of Rusted Armors anime includes:

CharactersCastNotable Work
MagoichiTaiki SatoChiharu (High & Low The Movie)
Oda Sabura Nobunaga Toshiki MasudaPorco Galliard (Attack on Titan: Final Season)
TsurukubiKentarō ArakiShun Suzuki (Prince of Tennis II)
HotarubiTakato NagataShunya Emura (Boku no satsui ga koi wo shita)
KurohyoYuichiro HirataDaikichi Yoshida (Godan)
AgehaYuki KamisatoFuji Shusuke (TeniMyu)
HototogisuTsubasa SakiyamaKuroto (Black Crow 2)

As for the story, the ‘Rusted Armors’ will center on the guntoting leader of Saika Ikki, Magoichi, and warlord Oda Nobunaga, who wishes to acquire the mercenary’s guns.

Catch Demon King Oda Nobunaga in Action With Rusted Armors’ Trailer
Rusted Armors | Source: Crunchyroll

The central MacGuffin of the plot are sacred treasures called armors used by Saika Ikki, which grants its users superhuman powers.

Even though we can argue over which animation style is better, nothing can still beat the story and the narrative. As far as I can tell, ‘Rusted Armors’ has a great setting, and hopefully, by 2022, the animation can catch up to that. 

About Rusted Armors

It is a multimedia project that started in 2017 as a series of 2.5-D stage plays.

The story takes place in the Sengoku period, a period in Japanese history of near-constant civil war. The drama revolves around Saika Ikki, a mercenary group that uses sacred treasures called “armor,” and Nobunaga Oda, who seeks to acquire Saika Ikki’s gun technology.

Source: Official Website


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