Rockstar Games Addresses GTA 6 Leak Situation w/ Official Statement 

A hacker had uploaded early gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 on YouTube and other social media platforms. The videos have since been taken down after action by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.  

Rockstar Games has released an official statement regarding the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak.  

Fans had been waiting to see how Rockstar Games would respond to the chaotic situation. The company mentioned that while it is “extremely disappointed” with the events, it does not expect any disruption to its live game services and that the development of its ongoing projects would remain unaffected.  

The hacker had also claimed to possess the original source code of GTA 5 and 6 and was open to working out a deal with Rockstar. The source code for GTA 5 was apparently sold for over $100K, but this sale was not made by the hacker mentioned above.  

The recent update is that the source code has not been sold yet, and the forums where the hacker has been active have been removed. The hacker’s accounts have also been deleted, but it is possible that Rockstar Games may have already figured out who the actual suspect is.  

Rockstar Games Addresses GTA 6 Leak Situation w/ Official Statement

The official statement from the company assured consumers and stockholders that the situation was in control. Rockstar Games is now focused on damage control. Such data leaks ruin the proper reveal of a game. After all, if the source code ends up in the wrong hands, this could mean bad business for the GTA franchise.  

Rockstar Games has also expressed intent to continue working on the next Grand Theft Auto title, with a promise to return with an update soon. Many fans shared their sympathy for the developers whose incomplete work was exposed, while some criticized the gameplay footage. The situation is messy, and hopefully, things will start to look up soon.  

Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. 

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About GTA VI

GTA VI also known as Grand Theft Auto VI is the sixth installment to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto games are known for their Open World aspect giving players the freedom to do anything and everything possible. The last game to this franchise was the GTA V game which came out in 2013 for consoles.

Licensed under Rockstar Games, GTA VI is currently in development and no information on its release date has been confirmed yet.

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