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Review: Is Noragami any Good? Worth Watching?

Noragami is a Japanese action-adventure manga series written and illustrated by Adachitoka. An anime television series adaptation by Bones aired from January 5th, 2014, to March 23rd, 2014 with a total of 12 episodes. 

Complete Review of Noragami
Noragami | Source: Fandom

The series focuses on Yato, a self-acknowledged “Delivery God” with the dream of being worshipped by many. However, he is not a well-known deity and hence leads an ordinary life doing various menial tasks. Yato’s kismet is forever changed when he encounters a middle school girl, Hiyori Iki.

The series has a second season, titled Noragami Aragoto that aired from October 2nd, 2015, to December 25th, 2015, with a total of 13 episodes.

1. Quick Review

The story of Noragami revolves around Yato, the titular character of the series. He is a self-proclaimed “delivery god” who dreams of having his own shrine and millions of worshippers. He also has the habit of writing his mobile number in public places in case someone needs his help.

Far from his goal of being popularly worshipped, Yato spends his time doing odd jobs for five yen per task. He hopes that by being an efficient and affordable service, he will be able to make a name for himself.

Sick and tired of his masters’ antics, Yato’s weapon partner abandons him. The delivery god’s luck changes when he crosses paths with a middle school girl, Hiyori Iki.

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She saves Yato from a bus accident but gets caught up in it. Though she miraculously survives, the incident has caused her soul to detach from her body. 

Noragami - Official Trailer
Noragami Trailer

Hiyori seeks Yato’s help to return her to normal. To do so, she must first help find a new partner. Having no other choice, Hiyori begrudgingly agrees. The series follows the adventures of Yato, his weapon a.k.a regalia Yukine, and Hiyori as they set out to find Yato a new partner and fix Hiyori’s body.

Noragami delivers a mythical tale of gods with an original spin on it. The characters are well-designed with intriguing personalities. Studio Bones’ showers its magic on the series with well-timed animation, impeccable sound, and artwork.

2. Info Card


Air Date: January 5, 2014 Status: Finished Studio: Bones No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 25
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3. Is it Worth Watching?

Noragami is based on an unusual yet captivating concept. The story isn’t dragged out with unnecessary explanations and the voice actors are a perfect fit for their characters. 

The series is well-animated with a charming cast and a storyline that is fun to follow.

Complete Review of Noragami
Noragami | Source: Funimation

Produced by the studio that created My Hero Academia and Gosick, Noragami promises the same level of dedication in replicating the source material and composition of classic OSTs.

I. Plot

Middle schooler Hiyori’s chance encounter with Yato, the delivery god, leaves her soul detached from her body. When she demands Yato to fix her problem, the two set out on an unimaginable journey to set things right again.

Directed by Kotaro Tamura, the series succeeds in keeping you thoroughly entertained with Yato’s childish pranks and his ambitious goal to become a famous god worshipped by the masses. 

II. Characters


Yato is one of the three main protagonists of Noragami.

Complete Review of Noragami
Yato | Source: Wiki-Fandom

In the past, he was addressed as the “God Of Calamity” but left that title behind due to the violence it brought along with it. Now he is an unknown god who dreams of having a shrine in his name and worshipped by all.

Yato’s character is described as a mischievous guy with unpredictable behavior. He is also seen to be rather childish and gullible in some situations.

Hiyori Iki

Hiyori Iki is the main female character of the Noragami series.

Complete Review of Noragami
Hiyori Iki | Source: Wiki-Fandom

She possesses the ability to separate her soul from her human body ever since she saved Yato from getting hit by a bus. 

Hiyori is a very kind-hearted girl with a strong sense of justice and will go out of her way to help someone in danger despite the consequences.


Yukine is a main character in the series and one of Yato’s weapons.

Complete Review of Noragami
Yukine | Source: Wiki-Fandom

He is Yato’s Shinki. When his vessel name “Sekki” is called, he transforms into a silver sword. He is first portrayed as being detached and cruel. He is annoyed when he learns that he has died and is now Yato’s weapon. Yato always treats Yukine with respect but it is not vice-versa.

III. Setting

  • Location: Noragami takes place in an urban fantasy setting. It initially appears to take place in a normal Japanese city but as the story progresses, the fictitious realm of spirits becomes more evident giving the show a darker ambiance.
  • Animation: Noragami is a creation by Bones, the studio behind Fullmetal Alchemist and Mob Psycho 100. The series uses realistically styled art with 2D animation.
  • Artwork: Toshihiro Kawamoto must be praised for his bright and well-designed characters. The backgrounds are detailed and the well-defined features accentuate the action scenes more and add intensity when they’re animated.

IV. Theme Songs

  • Opening theme songs :
TitleOriginal ArtistGenreEpisodesReference Links
“Goya no Machiawase” Hello Sleepwalkers AlternativeRock1-12Youtube
Apple Music

The highly energetic OP by Hello Sleepwalkers builds up the momentum by introducing the characters through fluid visuals and even gives us a glimpse into a few of the shows’ action scenes.

  • Ending theme songs :
TitleOriginal Artist GenreEpisodesReference Links
“Heart Realize”TiaPop1-12Youtube
Apple Music

The ending theme song “Heart Realize” is a head-bopping musical treat and is sure to become an earworm while watching the show. 

  •  Original SoundTrack (OST): The soundtrack for Noragami was composed by Taku Iwasaki, the mastermind behind the OSTS for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Soul Eater, both of which were highly praised. The OSTs used range from intoxicating rock ballads and pop music to slow-paced whimsical themes. 

Most of the music is light-hearted and matches the concept’s theme to a T. We also witness the introduction of some classical Japanese themes into the OSTs as well which amps us the scenes to another level, especially the battle scenes.

Noragami Aragoto Opening Fulli - Hey kids! lyrics
Noragami OST
  • Background score: Noragami uses good background music that adds emotional value to the scenes. The BGMs heard during the battle sequences build the perfect tense atmosphere for the scene.
  • Sound effects: The strange sounds used in the series accompany supernatural weapons and characters giving them an otherworldly impression.
  • Voice Acting: The voice actors assigned to the characters did a wonderful job portraying different emotions and voice modulation.

V. Action Sequences

The fight scenes in Noragami are centered around supernatural elements. The creativity with each character’s unique abilities and backgrounds results in breathtaking action sequences. 

The series gives us fights between some interesting characters. However, the short duration of the fights sometimes makes it a little difficult to judge the strength of their powers. The gorgeous animation and well-detailed art make the scenes come alive.

4. Grade

Noragami 5/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Art: A+

Music: A+

5. Final Thoughts

Noragami is an immaculate combination of comedy and fiction. The plot is driven by its characters who capture the essence of the show.

While portraying the themes of darkness and grief, the show manages to keep it merry. The series is a grand adventure that leaves you yearning for more.

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