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Record Of Ragnarok New Trailer Previews The Epic Duel Between The Gods And Humans

“What happens when an immovable object faces an irresistible force?”

Find it out yourself in the Record of Ragnarok anime as the pride of the Gods clashes with the resolve of the humans.

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The anime takes us to the epic crossover between the mythological gods and the historical legends, where they fight a duel to determine the fate of humanity.

The Record of Ragnarok anime released a new trailer that gives us a glimpse of the 13 vs 13 ultimate showdowns between the Gods and the humans. The anime will stream globally on Netflix exclusively from June 2021.

Record of Ragnarok Official Trailer with ENG sub
Record of Ragnarok Official Trailer with ENG sub

The trailer features the anime’s opening theme titled ‘Kamigami’ by Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone. It is basically a compilation of powerup moments and intense battle moments of the anime.

We get a glimpse of Lu Bu fighting on par with Thor, and it also brings limelight on various other mighty warriors and Gods like Adam, Brunhild, Zeus, Shiva, Aphrodite, Kojiro Sasaki, and Poseidon.

Brunhild provokes the Gods by saying, “Are you chickening out”, thereby making them accept her proposal by hurting their ego.

7 million years of human civilisation is on the verge of extinction, and everything depends on this final face-off between humans and the god.

Record of Ragnarok New Trailer Previews the Epic Duel between the Gods and Humans
Record of Ragnarok | Source: Crunchyroll

If the humans manage to become the first team to win 7 rounds, another 1000 years of humanity will be secured.

The trailer shows us that humans are nothing but disposable files to the Gods. Can the legends of human history surpass the Gods and stop this catastrophe?

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About Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok (Shuumatsu no Valkyrie) is a seinen manga written by FUKUI Takumi. It has been serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine since 2017.

The gods decide whether to allow humankind to live or perish. The divine beings conclude that Humanity ought to be destroyed. In any case, things change when a solitary Valkyrie puts a recommendation to let the divine beings and mankind battle one final fight.

By this implies, Humanity can substantiate themselves and proceed to live. As indicated by the strategy, 13 gods will battle against 13 human victors in one-on-one fights to choose whether humankind lives or bites the dust.

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