Record of Ragnarok Premieres June 2021

Trailer Previews Epic Duels

By Epic Dope Staff | March 27, 2021

"What happens when an immovable object faces an irresistible force?" Find it out in Record of Ragnarok as the Gods clash with humans.

The Record of Ragnarok anime released a new trailer that gives us a glimpse of the 13 vs. 13 ultimate showdowns between the Gods and the humans.

The anime will stream globally on Netflix exclusively from June 2021. The trailer features 'Kamigami' by Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone.

We get a glimpse of Lu Bu fighting on par with Thor, and it also brings limelight on various other mighty warriors and Gods.

Brunhild provokes the Gods, "Are you chickening out," thereby making them accept her proposal by hurting their ego.

The trailer shows us that humans are nothing but disposable files. Can the legends of human history surpass the Gods and stop this catastrophe?