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‘Record of Ragnarok’ Trailer Teases the Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper Battle

All that Record of Ragnarok fans want is the story’s most anticipated battle yet: Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper.

After one win, the humans became even more motivated to defeat the Gods and claim their right to live. The first three battles were all based on strength and power, but the upcoming ones will not be the same.

Record of Ragnarok anime’s latest trailer for season 2 highlights the face-off between Greek’s most popular hero, Hercules, and humanity’s most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. The season will premiere globally on Netflix in 2023.

【ENG sub】アニメ『終末のワルキューレⅡ』 ティザーPV
[ENG sub] Anime “Record of Ragnarok II” Teaser PV

The trailer first gives us a glimpse of the previous three battles: Thor vs. Lu Bu, Zeus vs. Adam, and Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki. After that, we get to the good part.

It is clear that the fight between Jack and Hercules will be an unusual one. With someone who works with tactics rather than strength, Jack will definitely have a tough time fighting one of the most physically strong opponents.

However, even Hercules will be in a pickle when Jack comes up with elaborate strategies to fight him. But let’s not forget that Jack’s ace is the divine weapon given to him by the Valkyries.

'Record of Ragnarok' Trailer Teases the Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper Battle
Record of Ragnarok | Source: Crunchyroll

The entire core staff is returning to work on season 2, with the addition of Yumeta Company for animation production along with Graphinica.

This will be an exciting battle because humans don’t know how to feel about a murderer representing them. Their support is bound to waver when the opponent is the shining beacon of justice and good deeds.

Let’s not forget that there will be more rounds in the season consisting of Shiva, Buddha, Raiden Tameemon, and more.

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About Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok (Shuumatsu no Valkyrie) is a seinen manga written by FUKUI Takumi. It has been serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine since 2017.

The gods decide whether to allow humankind to live or perish. The divine beings conclude that Humanity ought to be destroyed. In any case, things change when a solitary Valkyrie puts a recommendation to let the divine beings and mankind battle one final fight.

This implies that Humanity can substantiate themselves and proceed to live. As indicated by the strategy, 13 gods will battle against 13 renowned humans, each of whom has a valkyrie by their side in one-on-one fights to choose whether humankind lives or bites the dust.

Source: Warner Bros. Japan’s Official YouTube Channel

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