The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 137: Release Date, Speculation, Read Online

Gi-Gyu finishes the first recording with the plan proposal. The second recording begins with the plan in full action, the leaders powering up the Tower and building it up. However, Chronos also has to deal with the envoys of God, the Archangels. 

Chronos manages to convince one of the angels to switch to his side, and the plan is set in motion. With the power of Chaos and the world combining, God has finally shown himself. Here are the latest updates.

1. Chapter 137 Raw Scans, Leaks

Raw scans for chapter 137 of ‘The Player Who Can’t Level Up’ are yet to be released. They will be available two to three days before the chapter’s usual release date, so check back soon.

2. Chapter 137 Release Date

Chapter 137 of ‘The Player Who Can’t Level Up’ will be released on Sunday, February 19, 2024. You can read ‘The Player Who Can’t Level Up’ on KakaoPage.

I. Is The Player Who Can’t Level Up on a break this week?

No, ‘The Player Who Can’t Level Up’ is not on a break this week. Chapter 137 has not been delayed and will be released on the above-stated date.

3. Chapter 137 Speculation

Gi-Gyu has watched the entire process and the brain behind the powering up of the Tower. Chronos’ plan actually worked, and God revealed himself. With Gaia now acting as the medium between the power of the world and the power of Chaos fused together, they will attack God. 

The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 137: Release Date, Speculation, Read Online
Gaia (The Player Who Can’t Level Up)  | Source: KakaoPage

Since Gaia was the second closest to God, after Michael, she could control so much power for a short time. Chronos will have only one chance, and he has to take it. We will see how this turns out.

4. Chapter 136 Recap

Gi-Gyu was shown the recording of the meeting between Chronos and the other leaders. The plan was too reckless, and avoiding the eyes of the Angels would have been difficult, but Chronos managed to entice Gabriel.

The exam moves on to the second recording, which is of the construction of the Tower. All the world leaders are hard at work, powering up and constructing the Tower. Next, Gi-Gyu moves inside the Tower.

Chronos and Gabriel meet up to give each other updates, and Gabriel warns Chronos to be wary of Michael. If she notices anything amiss, it will be the end of them. Gabriel calls her the incarnation of God itself, but he reassures Chronos that he has taken appropriate countermeasures against her.

The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 137: Release Date, Speculation, Read Online
Michael (The Player Who Can’t Level Up) | Source: KakaoPage

Gabriel asks Chronos if he has a plan to gather the power of Chaos, and Chronos reveals Gaia, who was initially supposed to be the Leader of Humans. He promises her to wait a little longer until he becomes the next God. Gi-Gyu is confused about what is going on.

In exchange for making Chronos the Leader, Gaia took on the role of gathering the power of Chaos to transfer it to the Tower. The third recording begins with all the leaders focusing their mana on Gaia, the medium, to transfer their power to the Tower. God finally shows himself.

5. Where to Read The Player Who Can’t Level Up?

6. About The Player Who Can’t Level Up

Written by the author GaVinge and art by Part Jeongjae, “Player Who Can’t Level Up” is an adaptation of the web novel series “Level Up Mothaneun Player.”

Kim Kigyu assumes his life will change for the better after he received an invitation to become a unique-ability player. However, no matter how much effort he puts in, Kigyu is unable to level up.

Kigyu works as a guide for five years until he figures out a way to increase his stats. By linking his ability with “Egos”, his new skills let him unlock unexplored gates. He finally has a chance to prove his worth and break the ranking system.


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