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Re: ZERO Season 2 Cour 2 Reveals Opening And Ending Themes

Re: ZERO Season 2 Cour 2 is likely to be released in early 2021. The second season premiered after four long years of wait. The popular isekai anime about a protagonist who can reverse his death is back again.

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In a fantasy world, Subaru encounters both friends and foes. His power of “Return by Death” is sought after by many. A lot of things have been left hanging after Subaru receives tough advice (literally) from Otto.

The official website of Re: ZERO: Starting Life in Another World has revealed the opening and ending themes of season 2 cour 2. The second cour is scheduled for a January 2021 release.

The opening theme of the second cour is “Long Shot” by Mayu Maeshima. nonoc performs the ending theme, “Believe in You.”

Re: ZERO Season 2 Cour 2 Reveals Opening & Ending Themes
Re: ZERO | Source: IMDb

Re: ZERO Season 2 cour one aired from 8th July to 30th September 2020. It was initially scheduled for release in April 2020 but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the second season started airing, an edited version of the first season premiered on January 1st, 2020. The edited version summarized the entire plot of season 1.

Episode 39 Speculations

Emilia will have to face her past in the upcoming episodes. Will she and Subaru be reunited again?

Re: ZERO Season 2 Cour 2 Reveals Opening & Ending Themes
Re: ZERO | Source: Fandom

Emilia and Sanctuary might be sharing a past or a common secret. Now that Subaru has escaped the contract of Echidna, he has much more severe things to look out for.

About Re: ZERO

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

The plot is based on Subaru Natsuki, the protagonist who gets sucked into a fantasy world on his way home from the convenience store.

He gets attacked by a group of thugs and is beaten to a pulp immediately, but this girl from the fantasy world named Satella saves him.

Source: Official website of Re: ZERO

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