RDJ Delivers Heartfelt Speech at Jon Favreau’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

Filmmaker and actor Jon Favreau has contributed to many franchises like the MCU and Star Wars, and his works have often gained massive critical success. The genius behind the first Iron Man film, which later birthed the MCU, Favreau received a star on the Walk of Fame this week, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious honors.

Favreau’s long-time friend and colleague, Robert Downey Jr., with whom the filmmaker made Iron Man 1 & 2, also attended the Walk of Fame Ceremony to support his close friend. RDJ delivered a heartfelt speech in which he mentioned Favreau’s “greatest gift” and his ability to “get the joke” and its importance. 

You can view the original clip on Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter account and read the transcription below for RDJ’s quote:

His greatest gift is his humanity, and then there’s the funny. Just for the funny alone, this man deserves this star. You will never meet a more searingly sophisticated wit. Why? Because he gets the joke, and the joke is often painful. He deeply understands that life is fleeting, and if we’re not laughing, we’re dying.

RDJ Delivers Heartfelt Speech at Jon Favreau's Walk of Fame Ceremony
Jon Favreau with his Star on the Walk of Fame
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The filmmaker first started his career in Hollywood as an actor but soon learned that his most profound skills lie behind the camera and not in front of it. Hitting success with Elf and Made, 2008’s Iron Man is what put Favreau on the map and kickstarted RDJ’s career after he fell to substance abuse.

The two friends have since then starred beside each other as Tony Stark and Happy Hogan in all Iron Man films and other MCU projects. Favreau even kept Happy Hogan alive after RDJ’s departure from the MCU, and we see him as Peter Parker’s father figure in Far from Home and No Way Home.

We owe it to the filmmaker for The Mandalorian in the Star Wars franchise, which has been one of the top shows of Disney+ since its premiere in November 2019.

RDJ Delivers Heartfelt Speech at Jon Favreau's Walk of Fame Ceremony
Jon Favreau Earns a Place on Walk of Fame
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If it weren’t for Favreau and Feige’s vision, which shaped Iron Man, we wouldn’t have the MCU, and there would be a gaping hole in the modern cinema. What do you think of Jon Favreau and his career? Drop a comment below!

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