7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!

In Rocket League, players have a host of customization options at their disposal to make their dream ride for playing the game. Even so, nothing can make your ride stand out more than the set of wheels that you have on it. 

However, some of the wheels in this game are a lot tougher to acquire than others. They might’ve been discontinued, given only to the game’s oldest players, or may be associated with an esports competition – either way, though, I feel it’s nice to be aware of them.  

Who knows, you might also have one of these rare wheelsets without really knowing about it. 

That said, it’s time to count down the rarest wheels in Rocket League from the “Eh, it’s not that uncommon” to “Whoa, that’s one exotic set of wheels!” 

7. Hot Wheels

Obtainable through – Rocket League Hot Wheels 5-pack (Discontinued) 

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels set are no joke. Some people even consider them not-so-rare, but that isn’t the case – they got overshadowed by the Hot Wheels Goal Explosion, another item within their series, that’s all. 

Either way, these were limited-time wheels that you could unlock through a code, sold alongside the physical 5-pack of Hot Wheels’ Rocket League edition. 

Either way, though, they are now a rarity within the Rocket League community – seeing them on the playfield is a truly major occurrence. 

6. Sovereign Pro

Obtainable through – LAN Reward (Autumn 2017)

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Sovereign Pro

The Sovereign Pro may have lost their value over the past few years, especially after being absolutely obliterated by their newer counterpart, Sovereign A/T – they’re still as rare as wheels in Rocket League go. 

The fact that these wheels are the one LAN-only set of wheels designated to the blue team in all of Rocket League’s history is what makes them so unique. 

They may have lost their value over the years, but none can deny their rarity within the community. 

5. Titanium White Apex Wheels

Obtainable through – RLCS Twitch Viewership Drops

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Titanium White Apex Wheels

The White Apex Wheels may be a rare sight in Rocket League, but that’s not to say that they’re difficult to obtain, which is why they arrive right at the bottom of this list. 

The Titanium White Apex Wheels, lit with a white-colored light, are some of the best-looking Wheelsets in Rocket League. You can obtain them as a random drop by watching Rocket League’s esports tournaments on Twitch after linking your Rocket League and Twitch accounts. 

Since they’re a random drop and a rare one at that, it’s a little tricky to get the White Apex Wheels. You can still trade them with someone, provided they’re willing to do so. 

4. Black Dieci Exotic Wheels

Obtainable through – Trading

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Black Dieci Exotic Wheels

While the regular Dieci Wheels are commonplace within Rocket League, its painted variants are pricey and uncommon. Players receive the normal Dieci in their inventories and may obtain a couple of the painted variants. But, there is one variant that is particularly difficult to get. 

The Black Dieci Wheels are the most expensive within the Dieci series, going anywhere from 28-30k credits (or around $400). This price makes them pretty difficult to get, and a rare set of Wheels of the playfield. 

These black-colored wheels scream elegance and are certainly the sleekest-looking of all Dieci Wheels by a large margin – if you ask me, they definitely deserve their rare status. 

3. Monstercat Wheels

Obtainable through – Discontinued (Previously a Rocket League X Monstercat: Greatest Hits preorder bonus)

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Monstercat Wheels

Man, these Wheels are just the epitome of being the absolute peak of awesomeness. But unfortunately, you can’t obtain these Wheels anymore. 

The Monstercat Wheels were available as a preorder bonus for Monstercat’s Rocket League X Monstercat: Greatest Hits album, a series of tunes that represent the feelings of every player on the game’s playfield. 

The fact that ordering the album now won’t net you this item is a huge bummer, but hey, you can try trading them with someone – the chances of someone exchanging this with you are small, but you might get lucky. 

2. Decennium Pro Wheels 

Obtainable through – Purchasing a ticket to RLCS Season 3 World Championship (Cannot be traded)

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Decennium Pro Wheels

What makes the Decennium Pro Wheels special is how you cannot trade them in Rocket League at all. This exclusivity turns them into a rare sight on the playfield. Those gold streaks on the rim and the tire, though – I swear they’re enough to make any player drool for them. 

Fans of the game that attended the third season of the RLCS World Championship to cheer on their favorite teams received this wheelset in return. 

The only way to find yourself one of these bad boys is by finding an unclaimed code out there somewhere. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, though, so good luck with that. 

1. Goldstone Wheels

Obtainable through – Alpha Reward and Trading

7 Rarest Wheels in Rocket League – Ranked!
Goldstone Wheels

The Goldstone Wheels aren’t that difficult to obtain, honestly. You have to either be one of the OG players of Rocket League, the ones that have stuck with the game since its early Alpha stage, or be filthy rich to throw obscene amounts of money on the game. 

The Goldstone Wheels are the most sought-after items in the game. Originally meant as a gift for the game’s alpha version players, nowadays, you can get them for around $4-5k, which is why they’re considered the rarest and most expensive wheels in the game. 

The fact that it is the third most expensive item (with every category combined) is enough to tell you how precious they are. Man, if you have one of the few Goldstone Wheels in the game – you have my utmost respect for sticking with Rocket League for so long.  

If you don’t have them and wish to get your hands on a set, then best of luck to you, my guy. I sincerely hope that your wish comes true – make sure to ready up a small fortune for the same, though. 

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