Nishino Teases Details about the Sequel of ‘Poupelle of Chimney Town’

‘Poupelle of Chimney Town’ is an animated film based on a popular picture book by Japanese illustrator Akihiro Nishino. The movie was a believe-in-yourself adventure that was awe-inspiring.

The movie also had a fantastic social commentary, making it widely successful. Chimney Town first premiered in 2020, and after almost three years, a sequel has been announced. Nobody expected a second part, and so the fans are pleasantly surprised.

Akihiro Nishino teased story details during a panel for the film at Anime NYC.

The writer also clarified that the sequel would differ significantly from the first movie. The plot revolves around a town with a clock tower stopped at 11:59. This then evolves into a conflict in the village between the people protecting the building and the people hoping to fix it.

In contrast to the first film’s theme, which Nishino said was “Let’s go, get this,” he told the second film’s theme would be the opposite, “wait patiently.”

The movie is also popular enough to receive a Broadway adaptation, which will be released in 2024.

Nishino also revealed that the story is completed and has the same creative team as the first movie, returning for the sequel. The team is currently working on character design and the visual process.

Hirota will return to direct the film, while Nishino will serve as production supervisor, original creator, and writer. Here is the list of the staff members working on the sequel film.

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorYusuke HirotaBerserk films, Harmony
Production supervisor, writerAkihiro Nishino 
Character designerAtsuko FukushimaGenius Party, Robot Carnival)

A trailer and teaser visual for the sequel have not been released yet, as the visual process is still ongoing.

Based on the first film, we can be sure the second film will also be excellent. So, let’s sit tight and wait for more details.

About Poupelle of Chimney Town

The anime is based on a picture book by Akihiro Nishino. The original picture book was launched in October 2016, and about 420,000 copies are sold so far.

The story is of a town filled with chimneys and surrounded by a wall that stands 4,000 meters. The air is always filled with smoke. None of the residents have seen a clear sky.

On the night of the Halloween festival, a deliveryman accidentally drops a heart while delivering. The heart falls in the town of chimneys and continues to beat.

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