Marvel Multiplayer Game Leaked, May be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Marvel has been on fire recently, and the PlayStation 5 will be getting two games for major characters from the company: Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. A new rumor now suggests that a Marvel multiplayer may be coming exclusively to Sony’s next-gen console.

At the recent PlayStation Showcase, we got our first glimpse of the much-awaited sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and a surprise teaser for Wolverine, also being developed by Insomniac Games. Aside from the immense trust Marvel seems to have in Insomniac Games, PlayStation Marvel’s Avengers’ players will be getting an exclusive Spider-Man DLC.

Marvel Multiplayer Game Leaked, May Be A PlayStation 5 Exclusive
Marvels Wolverine

XboxEra co-host Shpeshal Nick may have potentially leaked an upcoming PS5 exclusive Marvel multiplayer game during a recent podcast episode. He prefaces the announcement by saying that they were going to elaborate more, but Nick was told not to say some things or make certain comparisons as the conversation went on.

They did speculate that this title is also being developed by Insomniac Games, adding to the studio’s growing list of Marvel titles. While this is all still a rumor and must be regarded with a grain of salt, Insomniac Games has been an unstoppable force for Sony, and it makes sense for them to call on the studio for this kind of project.

The XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 76 - "The One With The Intro"

The pieces of the puzzle also do seem to fit. Insomniac was hiring for a multiplayer project a few months ago but did not reveal much about the project itself.

The studio has also been handling two to three game development projects at once for a while now, as is evidenced by the transition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales to Spider-Man 2, finishing Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and working on Wolverine. Insomniac may indeed be working on this Marvel multiplayer, but it is still just speculation on Nick’s behalf.

Nick doesn’t offer much more than what has already been stated, so we don’t know what the project may look like. Considering there is already a live service Marvel’s Avengers, we doubt this will be another game in that style.

But a game that gives people control over a specific hero to complete a particular objective, like in Overwatch, may be possible. Given that it is rumored to be a PS5 exclusive, it will probably be a massive game too.

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