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Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

Pokemon is a very popular anime series written by Satoshi Tajiri Ken Sugimori. It was first released in 1996, set up in a world where humans catch monsters and store them in pocket-sized poke-balls, thus the name Pocket Monsters or Pokemon. Satoshi, who aims to battle the Supreme Monarch, Dande, and Go, who dreams of catching every Pokémon to work his way up to Mew. The story revolves around their lives and adventures!

Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Preview
Pokemon | Source: Fandom

Follow the latest episodes of Pokémon 2019 with us!

1. Episode 39 Release Date

Episode 39 of the Pokemon anime, titled “Pokemon”, has been released on Sunday, Sep 27, 2020 at 2:00 am PDT.

Episode 39 of Pokemon 2019 titled, “Satoshi Vs Saito! Overcome Octolock!” will be released on Sunday, September 27, 2020, at 2:00 am PDT.

I. Is Pokemon 2019 on a Break Next Week?

No, Pokemon 2019  is not on a break next week. Episode 39 will be released as per the normal schedule.

2. Episode 39 Preview & Speculation

In the preview of episode 39, titled, “Satoshi Vs Saito! Overcome Octolock!” We see that for their next adventure, Satoshi has gotten back into Superclass. He will soon have a rematch against Saito and plans to take his revenge on her. He will again use Riolu to fight against Otosupus and attempt to overcome his Octolock!

[Eng Sub] Ash Vs Bea (Rematch) - Pokémon (2019) Episode 39 Preview [HD]

3. Recap of Episode 38

Episode 38, titled “A Miraculous Restoration, The Fossil Pokemon!” begins with Satoshi and Go along with Koharu deciding to visit the Museum of Science in the city Nibi. Ideally, Satoshi and Go wanted to see the Tatetopes but the line was full for the day and they couldn’t do it. Koharu suggests they check out the Fossil excavation area where they can restore the fossil pokemon if they find any.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Preview
Ash Ketchum | Source: Fandom

While Satoshi helped out Koharu with her research project on fossils. Go spent all this afternoon with his pokemons trying to find a fossil. When Satoshi and Koharu remind Go that it’s time to leave, he finally finds a gem-like stone. They all go and show it to the president of the Science museum who tells them that it is a secret Amber which can restore an extinct pokemon. He puts it inside a restoration device and asks them to come back the next day. 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 39: Preview
Pikachu | Source: Fandom

All of them decide to stay in a pokemon center nearby. Team Rocket heard all of their conversations and attempted to restore the pokemon faster so they could steal it. Which results in an explosion of the device. Team rocket runaway and everyone when they come back to the lab they see that the secret amber is already broken.

Go runs after the pokemon that was restored, Satoshi and Koharu follow him but they get stopped by Team Rocket who again tries to steal Pikachu. Satoshi asks Koharu to check on Go while he gets rid of Team Rocket and heads where Go went off. Then he finds out that Go has befriended and captured the fossil pokemon Ptera! 

4. Where to watch Pokemon

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5. About Pokemon 2019

Pokemon, first released in 1996, is set up in a world where humans catch monsters and store them in pocket-sized poke-balls, thus the name Pocket Monsters or Pokemon.

They are creatures with an affinity to certain elements and some superhuman abilities related to that particular element. Revolving around a teenage boy Ash Ketchum takes us through his journey to becoming the most accomplished Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen.

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