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Summer Anime, ‘Phantom of the Idol,’ Concocts a Comedy With Ghosts and Idols

You know how hard the idol industry is, right? Some idols never make it despite giving their best and then here’s our protagonist who plans to take over the idol industry by being lazy. Damn.

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Yuuya, the main character, is unenthusiastic and a master at dampening concerts. If he wants to survive, he needs to do better. Cut to Asahi Mogami, the ghost of an active idol who is the perfect opposite of Yuuya. Can spirit possession be the answer to his troubles?

The Phantom of the Idol anime will be here to tingle the souls of all lethargic people this summer. The following promotional video will give you a full itinerary of Yuuya’s laziness:

[Summer 22 broadcast! ] TV anime “Kami Kuzu ☆ Idol” teaser PV

You can see how surprised Yuuya and Asahi were on their first encounter. Asahi has an unfulfilled thirst for stage performance, and she is the only way Yuuya can improve.

After the manager and staff have given up on him, the protagonist has to somehow prove that he can be charismatic as well.

Can this bizarre duo make it, or will Yuuya have to say goodbye to his fans? (If they even exist, that is.)

In the latest visual, Yuuya can be seen performing with his partner while Asahi gives him confidence and instructions from behind the shadows (literally).

Summer Anime, ‘Phantom of the Idol,’ Concocts a Comedy with Ghosts & Idols
Phantom of the Idol Visual | Source: Official Website

Is it just me, or is Yuuya like a long-lost brother of Uramichi-onisan? I bet they could be best friends. Yuuya is just the luckier one among the two since he found Asahi.

Stay tuned to know more about when this anime will premiere and how Yuuya will survive in this Ratatouille situation.

About Phantom of the Idol

Phantom of the Idol (Kami Kuzu Idol) is a supernatural comedy manga by Hijiki Isoflavone. It began serialization in December 2017 in Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero Sum and has been licensed by Kodansha Comics.

The story is about the lazy Yuuya Niyodo, who’s a part of the idol duo ZINGS. One day after a sloppy performance, Yuuya encounters Asahi Mogami, a cheerful female idol. The twist is that Asahi has been dead for a year, and this turns Yuuya’s life upside-down.

Source: Official Website

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