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Pennyworth Producer Drops Tentative S2 Premiere Date

There is an unconfirmed season two debut date of Pennyworth floating around the internet. One of the show’s executive producers and a director of the show, Danny John Cannon had revealed in an Instagram post that season two of the Bruno Heller-created show would be back on 2nd December 2020. But he has since deleted the post mentioning the release date leading many to conjecture what actually happened.

The first season of Pennyworth, which was released on the Epix cable channel in July of last year, introduced the viewers to a young Alfred Pennyworth, whom many know as Bruce Wayne’s ever-reliable butler, from before he came to America as an employee of the Wayne’s.

The Raven Society in Season 1 | Source: Fandom

Pennyworth focusses on Alfred’s adventures when he was in London and what made him the man that Bruce Wayne came to trust and look up to. The show is one of the best comic book spin-offs in recent times. It is slick, stylish and wonderfully crafted.

Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne | Source: IMDB

The second season has created a buzz amongst fans because it is supposed to bring in another favorite character from the Batman universe – the incredibly smart business manager of Wayne Foundation, Lucius Fox. The showrunners have also revealed that Martha Kane (later Wayne) will be pregnant in the second season of the series.

With so much to look forward to, the fans were eagerly waiting for any news of the second season. But Danny John Cannon’s deleted post has left the fans wondering – it is possible that December 2nd is an incorrect date. After all, the pandemic has delayed all productions and very few shows can keep up with their timetables.

Or, the executive producer might have made a premature announcement without the permission of the team behind the show and had to delete the post.

Either way, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for a confirmed date for the second season premiere of Pennyworth.

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Are you looking forward to Pennyworth season two?

About Pennyworth

In an alternate reality, Alfred Pennyworth, a former SAS soldier, sets up a security company in London. He clashes with the Raven Society, a group that is conspiring to take over the British government. His plans against the Raven Society make him work with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, two agents from the No Name League of America.

The series stars Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth, along with Ben Aldridge, Paloma Faith, Ryan Fletcher, and Hainsley Lloyd Bennet.

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