You actor Penn Badgley Explains Joe Goldberg’s New Power in Season 5

If You season 4’s part one, had you fooled into believing Rhys Montrose was the Eat the Rich killer, you must have been in for quite a surprise watching part two. Turns out Joe’s erotomania had taken over, and Rhys was just a manifestation of his darker side who had committed the murders of London’s elite and kidnapped & imprisoned Marienne.

By the end of the season, it seemed like Joe was finally willing to do the right thing, to put an end to himself and his dark side once and for all, thus the season 4 finale titled “The Death of Jonathan Moore.” 

But it was only Jonathan Moore who died, and Joe Goldberg was revived after the killer came clean to Kate, and they promised to keep each other good. But I’m not sure if that means Joe’s killing will stop.

At the end of season 4, Joe Goldberg returns to New York with Kate and her dead father’s unlimited resources, and the Montrose (read monster) inside him is here to stay too. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Penn Badgley explained how the new “power” Joe possesses will open his criminal activities to a new level.

You Star Penn Badgley Explains Joe Goldberg's New Power in Season 5
Jonathan Moore and his Dark Side “Rhys”

[Quote] Well, he’s back home in New York. But now he’s sort of got unlimited resources. He actually has the power he’s not had. With Love and the Quinn family, he had power, but he didn’t want it. He didn’t want to take it. He didn’t want — the family didn’t really want to give it to him. I think now, he’s really embracing his lower nature. He’s letting the animal take over the human basically. He’s letting the predator take over his heart.

Penn Badgley

The viewers already got a glimpse of how Joe intends to use his new “unlimited resources” in season 4 when he framed Nadia for the real Rhys Montrose and Edward’s death. And Badgley speculates that he will be far more “unhinged” now that he’s accepted his dark side and can wipe his name off any crime scene.

He’s probably going to be just quite unhinged, I guess. I don’t know, though; I really don’t know.

Penn Badgley
You Star Penn Badgley Explains Joe Goldberg's New Power in Season 5
You Season 4

The Gossip Girl actor also recognized how Marienne and Nadia are still out in the open; well, Nadia is in jail, but they’re the only ones who know his split side. The You star then speculated that if Netflix upped the show for season 5, the following season could focus on their revenge.

Joe, at this point, he’s like a post-modern icon. He’s such a popular dude, but there’s gotta be, to me, a more thorough, satisfying conclusion.

Penn Badgley

The actor acknowledged that even if season 4 were the final season, it’d be a good enough end, but he’s spoken to Greg Berlanti about a possible conclusion, and without spoiling said ending, he stated that Joe deserves his just desserts.

Do you think Netflix will bring Joe Goldberg back with a new kill in season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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The show stars Penn Badgley in the leading role of Joe Goldberg. Additional cast members include Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, STati Gabrielle, and Jenna Ortega, among many others.

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