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Pacific Rim: The Black’s New Trailer Reveals the Anime’s Real Enemy; New Visual

Pacific Rim, the hit cyberpunk movie series, is now back with its 3D anime adaptation, Pacific Rim: The Black. The adrenaline rush from smashing kaiju is addicting and this new anime series will take advantage of that to deliver another action-fueled plot.

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Even though Pacific Rim: The Black takes place in the same world as its predecessor, the timeline is different.

Whereas previously, the kaiju emerged from the pacific only to be met by a volley of blows from Jaegers, in The Black, the kaiju have the upper hand, and mankind is being driven to a corner.

Netflix has just revealed an English dubbed trailer for the upcoming Pacific Rim: The Black anime series. The series will premiere on Netflix on 4th March 2021.

Pacific Rim: The Black | Official Trailer #2 | Netflix
Official Trailer of Pacific Rim

The new trailer gives us an in-depth view of the perils that the two siblings had to undergo to survive. Their parents had to leave them to get help, but they never returned. Hayley and Taylor find their parents’ Jaeger and train themselves with it.

However, in this anime, the humans pose a bigger threat to the world and the siblings than the kaiju. Taylor and Hayley have caught the interest of a businessman who wants to use them for his personal interests.

These two self-taught Jaeger pilots have to fight Kaiju and save themselves from the clutches of people who want to take undue advantage of them.

A new visual has also been released for the upcoming anime:

Pacific Rim: The Black’s New Trailer Reveals the Anime’s Real Enemy; New Visual
Pacific Rim | Source: Twitter

The new visual shows Atlas Destroyer, a new training Jaeger that will be manned by our main protagonists. The anime will be premiered worldwide on Netflix with seven episodes, each spanning half an hour time.

About Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a 2013 American film based on monsters who are attacking the Earth. It is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

The film’s story takes place in the future when an interdimensional portal has opened up on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Huge monsters called ‘Kaiju’ pour out of the portal and wreak havoc in the surrounding areas.

Humans have constructed gigantic mecha robots named Jaeger to combat the monsters.

Source: Pacific Rim Twitter

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