Otakon 2021 Will Not Ask For Vaccination Proof But Masks Are Mandatory

The most prestigious occasion for otakus all over the world, Otakon 2021, is back again and is taking all the necessary precautions given the current situation.

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Otakon has always been the most awaited event of the year for weebs all over the world. Amazing cosplays, meeting your favorite artists, getting limited edition merch, and meeting other fellow anime enthusiasts is just a tiny part of it.

Otakon released their COVID-19 guidelines for the upcoming three-day event from August 6 to August 8, 2021.

They released a video along with the announcement showing the sanitation protocols and arrangements that have been made at the venue.

The main guidelines state that Otakon strongly recommends that everyone who is eligible take the vaccine. However, Proof of Vaccination is not required for the attendees.

It also made masks mandatory and to be worn at all times by everyone over the age of 2 years old.

The guidelines also state that masks can only be taken off during certain situations, which were listed on the website as follows:

  • Presenters during panels or workshops while socially distanced
  • Cosplayers -only while photos are being taken and while socially distanced
  • While eating or drinking in designated areas
  • For the convenience of having their lips read by a person who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Other areas as approved by Otakon Staff

It was also made clear that this policy and these guidelines are subject to change in the future. That means the guidelines can change if and only if the situation calls for it.

Their website is regularly updated if there is a change in the event or the guidelines to be followed.

Of course, Otakon is sacred to weebs all over the world, and we wouldn’t want it to get canceled in any way. But if there is a situation dangerous for a crowd, then we would rather not have the event instead of putting lives in danger.

Other than that, we hope for the event to be a huge success and for it to run smoothly. 

Source: Otakon 2021 Website


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