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Orient Anime’s Cour 2 Promo Video Launches the Uesugi Bushidan

Orient anime’s first part was full of ups and downs as a plethora of secrets were revealed, and mysteries were solved. Now it’s time for its second part, where the real action will begin.

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It turns out that Musashi is indeed unique, just like any other shounen protagonist. More accurately, a goddess, the Obsidian Goddess, resides in Musashi, resulting in his immense and raw power.

Now that the world knows about this, everyone is after Musashi to acquire the goddess to have the upper hand in the oni vs. bushi war.

Orient anime has released a new promotional video for its upcoming second part premiering in July. It will be covering the “Awajishima Gekitō-hen” or the Fierce Battle at Awaji Island Arc.

TV animation “Orient” Awajishima fierce battle edition <Uesugi Bushidan PV> [Broadcast in July 2022 !!]

The video introduces the Uesugi Bushidan or Uesugi’s Samurai Warriors. It is a bushi group led by Tatsuomi Uesugi, one of the Five Grand Generals of Hinomoto.

Uesugi Bushidan consists of Kanetatsu Naoe, Kuroko Usami, Keigo Kakizaki, and Masaki Amakasu. The group is one of the five largest bushidans and consists of badass and eccentric warriors.

At the end of part 1, captain Uesugi is informed that the goddess was spotted at the great eastern mine of Mimasaka and became fixated on seeking her out. However, he doesn’t know that the Obsidian Goddess, or Musashi and his friends, are also heading towards Uesugi.

A visual featuring Musashi and Michiru Saruwatari was also unveiled. It shows Michiru catching Musashi mid-air with her magnificent wing-like blade.

⚔ TV animation “#Orient” new information ⚔


2nd Cool “Awajishima Fierce Fighting Edition.”

The third main visual has been released !!!


Two people from “Musashi and Michiru” are here!

The scene in the main story where the hearts got together for the first time

Impressively reproduced

Furthermore, the ban on the second excellent main story video is lifted for the first time

“Uesugi Bushidan PV” is released !!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The franchise had previously revealed the cast members for the Uesugi Bushidan, and we have them all here for you:

CharacterCastOther Works
Tatsuomi UesugiTomoaki MaenoMakoto Teruhashi (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)
Naoe KanetatsuNatsuki HanaeHaruichi Kominato (Ace of Diamond)
Masaki AmakasuYoshiki NakajimaSerge Tova (Fairy gone)
Akihiro ShimazuKouki UchiyamaReiji Maruyama (DIVE!!)
Amako KatsumiGakuto KajiwaraShinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)
Kuroko UsamiYōko HikasaUtahime Iori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The visuals and trailers are setting us up for a thrilling second part. With such outstanding new cast members, this is sure to be a memorable one.

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About Orient

Orient is a manga series by Shinobu Ohtakawhich started serialization in May 2020.

The manga is about Kojiro and Masashi, two childhood friends who have sworn to become the strongest together.

In their world, evil demons have taken over and samurais are looked down upon. Both the friends have to dive head-first into the twisted world to purge it of its corruption.

Source: Orient Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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