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Tale of Camouflaged Wife in “Only Just Married” Manga gets Drama Adaptation

A must-read for all the romantic and josei fans, Only Just Married is here to take the marriage of convenience to cloud nine!

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Lately, Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshita dake desu ga romanized as Only Just Married by mangaka Yuki Aoharu has been making some waves. With a story that makes all your wrong feelings into the right ones, the fans always ask for more!

Due to this, a slew of projects is here to strike while the iron is hot! 

The publisher Shodensha through its Feel Young magazine, just announced that Only Just Married would be getting a TV drama adaptation. The official source will disclose further details about the cast and crew at a later date.

 Comics released today 

※ Electronic version also released at the same time

 Akiba was confused by an unexpected confession (attempted) from Momose, even though her former love had cooled.

 He also asked for “unrequited love”! ??

 Ario Seishun “I just stamped the marriage registration” Volume 7

Trial reading

English Translation, Twitter Translate

For those out of the loop, the manga narrates the story of Akiha Ookada, who wants to remain single while pursuing her dream career as a designer. However, her life takes a U-turn after Momose Shuu corners her into signing a marriage form for the sake of her ill grandmother.

Though the story sounds pretty one-sided at first glance, both the characters have selfish desires they want to achieve, whether it’s status, money, or unrequited love. 

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Additionally, they also announced that the seven new volumes of the Only Just Married manga would be available for purchase from 8th June onwards. The digital versions of the volume are available at the price of 900 yen. 

Tomorrow 6/8 (Tuesday), release

A person with veil Magazine Feel Young July issue “Gene Bride” Hitomi Takano “Foreign Diary” Tomoko Yamashita and others.

Ring Book “I just stamped the marriage registration” Volume 7 Aoi Ikebe “Branch Line” Volume 2 Aoi Ikebe

English Translation,Twitter Translate

With the teledrama just being announced, fans can read up on the volumes before the drama hits. I am sure that the bittersweet tale of a camouflaged wife and a weird husband is sure to leave you in splits! 

Are Akiha Ookada and Momose shuu OTP (One True Pairing) or just a flake? Will this ship reach its destination or sink? The intrigue is through the roof!

So don’t miss out on the Tele series! 

About Only Just Married

Only Just Married is a Japanese manga written by Yuki Aoharu in September 2017. It has currently published 8 volumes in the Feel Young magazine.

Akiba Okado is 27 years old and has one conviction: she will never get married. However, one fine day, a strange marriage proposal is offered to her: Shin Momose, an editor, wants to marry her not out of love, but because he needs the title of “groom” for some obscure reason.

Akiba ends up accepting and a very unusual marriage begins… Could what was supposed to be a simple arranged marriage lead to a real romantic relationship?

Source: Feel Young Official Twitter

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