‘One Piece Film: Red’ Ranks #1 At Opening Weekend

One Piece Film: Red broke Japan’s box office on its opening weekend and ranked #1. Are we surprised? Not really, since it’s One Piece we’re talking about!

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The film became one of the most anticipated productions from the franchise primarily due to one reason: Shanks’ daughter Uta. This fact alone was enough to make One Piece enthusiasts go crazy and create wild theories around it.

One Piece Film: Red hype also gave it the 2nd best opening weekend at the Japanese box office, with 1.58 million tickets sold.

The film ranked #1 on its opening weekend and earned around 2.254 billion yen (about US$16.7 million) over the first two days of its debut.


Broadcasting now


8/6 (Sat) & 8/7 (Sun) in 2 days

157 10,000 mobilization

Box office revenue exceeded 22.5 billion yen!

2022 opening work

Mobilized for two weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, No. 1 at the box office!

 #ONEPIECE movie No.1 starts!

Amazing different dimensions start

again and again


English Translation, Twitter Translate

However, the best opening weekend title still belongs to Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train film that broke records internationally too. I hope One Piece does the same on its global release as the fan-following overseas is much more massive.

Shanks’ daughter might have created the hype, but we all know that it’s Luffy who’ll shine the brightest in the end. Don’t we all want to see more of the guy who has never once failed to amaze anyone, be it fans or the anime’s characters?

Since this film is set around the Wano arc, we’ll get to see the infamous Big Mom Pirates, Five Elders, the Marines, and more. All of these characters’ appearance signifies how it will be a hard time for the Straw Hats and a thrilling one for us.

'One Piece Film: Red' Ranks #1 At Opening Weekend
One Piece Film: Red | Source: Crunchyroll

Many fans would like to argue that Uta is not actually Shanks’ daughter and that there’s more to it, and there’s only one way to find out.

Until then, keep cooking up theories; maybe one of them will hit home like Sanji’s meals.

About One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red is the 15th movie in the One Piece franchise. It is directed by Goro Taniguchi, and produced by Toei Animation.

The story takes place at the Island of Music, Elegia where the world’s most greatest diva, Uta is holding her first ever live performance. People from all corners of the land and sea come to witness the most famous singer of all time, and Shanks’ alleged daughter, perform live for the first time.

Source: One Piece Film: Red Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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