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Manga Drop Alert!!! ‘Noyuu Girl’ By Alice in Borderland’s Creators!

Everyone likes hot springs, right? They’re relaxing and refreshing and always look pretty! The upcoming manga Noyuu Girl by Haro Asou and Shirou Yoshida is about a girl who loves hot springs found in the wilderness.

Haro Asou and Shirou Yoshida have previously worked together on the fantasy manga Imawa no Kuni no Arisu, which was widely appreciated and loved by fans. The upcoming manga Noyuu Girl will be a comedy manga.

Haro Asou and Shirou Yoshida, creators of Alice in Borderland, announced their new manga Noyuu Girl which will start this summer on the Yawaraka Spirits website

Yawaspi Summer New Series (1)] “Noyu Girl” Original: Haro Aso (Alice in Borderland 100) Drawing: Shiro Yoshida (Murakami Pirate’s Daughter Casino Gui)

An outdoor comedy where a heroine enjoys the natural hot spring “Noyu” that spouts in the wilderness enjoys the wilderness!

#Haro Aso #Shiro Yoshida

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The cover of the manga was also released along with the announcement. 

It shows us the protagonist getting out of a hot spring considering the smoke around her. She also has a gas mask on her. 

The official website released the poster and announcement for the upcoming manga with a text stating what it is about.

The illustration explains that a noyuu is a natural hot spring generally found in the wild. It is told that our protagonist enjoys such types of baths and hot springs.

The manga is supposed to be an outdoor comedy where the heroine searches and visits such hot springs in various places.

Haro Asou tweeted a sneak peek about the first chapter’s title of the manga on April 16th.

Preparations for the “Noyu Girl” series are steadily progressing!

I just thought when I was drunk during the bonfire, who would benefit from the author name of this work, “Haro Aso” and “Aso Bath”?

Can I change it?

Should I change it?

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He mentioned that it is just a prototype title, and nothing has been finalized yet.

Asou and Yoshida have formerly worked together on the fantasy and suspense manga Alice in Borderland, with Yoshida doing the artwork and Asou working on the story. A live-action adaptation of the manga Alice in Borderland was also released in December 2020.

A similar setup will be there for Noyuu Girl as well. The upcoming manga will be available online on the Yawaraka Spirits website.

I can’t wait for the new manga to come out and finally unveil the mystery behind the gas mask.

Why is the protagonist wearing it? Is the story set in a post-apocalyptic world? Is it something else and crazy all together?

We’ll have to find that out when the manga is released!

About Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a Japanese suspense manga series written and illustrated by Haro Aso. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in April 2015 and finished in March 2016.

Alice in Borderland was adapted into a 3-episode original video animation (OVA), released in 2014.

Ryōhei Arisu, a male high school student is done with his everyday life. He and his two friends meet up and hang out in the town. However, After one blindingly bright explosion, they find themselves waking up in a different world.

Finding themselves in a different deserted world, the trio is forced to participate in survival games or die right off the bat. The three fight to live, as well as to find a way back to their own world

Source: Yawaraka Spirits Website

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