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‘Nights with a Cat’ Anime’s Teaser Previews a House Cat’s Erratic Behavior

House cats are one-of-a-kind pets due to their mysterious mannerisms, making them all the more lovable. I know this might confuse those who don’t own a cat, so I suggest they look forward to the Nights with a Cat anime.

The anime is nothing more than a cute and relaxing story of Fuuta, who wants nothing more than to spend time with his new pet cat Kyuruga. Such a comforting show needs soothing music too, and this anime aced that criteria.

Studio Puyukai’s Nights with a Cat anime has revealed a new promotional video previewing its theme song, ‘Hinata no Kuni’ (Sunny Country) by Kashitarō Itō.

The anime will premiere on August 3, 2022, with a weekly release of new episodes on its official YouTube channel.

Animation “Night is with a cat” notice PV [Broadcast & distribution start from 8/3 (Wednesday)! ]

The video starts with a very mellow tune that instantly makes the whole atmosphere cozy. It highlights the different habits and behaviors of Kyuruga, who mostly spends his daytime alone while Fuuta is out working.

Kyuruga’s odd characteristics often become a source of entertainment for Fuuta, who immediately begins to click pictures of his cat. In one scene from the video, Kyuruga is hanging between two chairs, creating a bridge-like structure from his body which Fuuta finds very cute and amusing.

We’re also introduced to another character Pi-chan who tries to pet Kyuruga, but the cat leaps from his master’s lap and runs away. But even after this, Fuuta loves his cat more than anything else, and spending time with Kyuruga is his favorite thing.

Moreover, the franchise has also revealed a new key visual featuring Kyuruga in Fuuta’s lap with Pi-chan in the background.

★: *: ・ ∴ ・ ∴∴ ‥ ∴ ‥ ∵ ‥ ∴ ‥ ‥ ∵

“#Night with a cat”

 From August 3, 2022

Anime broadcasting & YouTube distribution started!

‥ ∴ ‥ ‥ ∵∴ ・ ∴ ・ ∴ ・ ∴ ・ ☆: *: ★

Key visual release! !!

Distribution starts on the YouTube channel every Wednesday from August 3

#yoruneko #Kuruga

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The anime will definitely convert all cat haters into cat lovers and make you want to get one as a pet.

I’m already convinced to get one of these cute furballs, and I can’t wait for the show to be released now.

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About Nights with a Cat

Nights with a Cat (Yoru wa Neko to Issho) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kyuryu Z. It was initially published on the author’s Twitter account in December 2019 and later acquired by Kadokawa Shoten. It has been adapted into an anime by Studio Puyukai.

It is a relaxing story that follows the daily life of the house cat Kyuruga and its owner Fuuta who loves spending time with his pet.

Source: Nights with a Cat Anime’s Official YouTube Channel

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