Developers of New World Take on Community Challenge of Myrkgard Run

New World has been frustrating players in several ways, and it isn’t always down to bugs, glitches, and technical issues. One of the significant points of annoyance has been the endgame content, which pushed the community to create a petition for the developers to attempt a Myrkgard run. The devs decided to honor this challenge, but the results were not what they expected.

Based on how difficult the endgame content has been designed, much of the community felt that the New World developers had not played the section themselves. This was confirmed when they finally attempted the Myrkgard run. 

The run included Game Director Scot Lane, Senior Producer Mike Willette, Creative Director David Verfaillie, and Game Designer Zach Holm. The video also went into detail, showing what kind of gear they are wearing, what skills they are using, and where they will be positioning themselves.

The video begins with the team explaining that they are under-geared for Mykrgard and aren’t as well-versed with the game as some of the more dedicated New World players, hinting that they are expecting some fails and bumps along the way. 

The video includes a full team of ten developers, but it focuses only on the four previously mentioned team leaders, with some helpful tips that appear in the middle of the screen.

The tips in the video are different from the regular in-game tips as another developer is watching the run and typing the tips out periodically. Some of these tips are “sometimes surrender is the best option,” “make sure tanks stay close to healers and vice versa,” and “we give you 2 weapons in New World for a reason. Use them!”

The Amazon Games team eventually gave up on the run, but they did manage to make it quite far before throwing their hands up. This was in no way a zero-death run, but the coordination in taking out specific enemies and tips on the zone’s layout should help better-equipped players who were struggling with the Elite endgame content. 

Due to their lack of gear, the team had to end the run within an hour as the difficulty was ramping up on an already difficult endgame zone.

Developers of New World Take On Community Challenge of Myrkgard Run
New World

The endgame difficulty isn’t limited to just Myrkgard, as other Elite areas are just as difficult, and players are constantly facing issues trying to locate high-level New World crafting material

It is unclear if the developers plan to tweak the difficulty of the Myrkgard Elite zone after their run, but they would have gotten a better understanding of what parts are more difficult or what isn’t working for the game.

The run also went down well with the community. Players praised the dev team for taking on the run and applauded their transparency with the community. Hopefully, the team continues to do these kinds of runs to understand the player’s pain points better and address them effectively.

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Set in the mid-1600s, players colonize a fictional land known as Aeternum Island, modeled after North and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean. The game will be using a buy-to-play business model, meaning there will be no monthly subscription fee.

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