Shounen Comedy Anime ‘Acro Trip’ to Bring a Magical Girl Twist in 2024


  • The ‘Acro Trip’ manga will inspire an anime in 2024.
  • A key visual, trailer, more cast, and staff were revealed.
  • The story revolves around Chizuko Date, an otaku girl who is obsessed with magical girls.

‘Acro Trip’ is a shoujo comedy manga that combines the idea of magical girls. The story has an interesting plot but is still underrated. Our protagonist is an otaku girl and a fan of the magical girl Blossom.

In most stories, the main character teams up with the hero, but here, it’s quite the opposite. The villain is too weak, and people lose interest when a fight breaks out. To make things interesting, she decides to follow a dark path and meets some strange people along the way.

A key visual and a teaser promotional video for the Acro Trip anime were revealed. The anime will premiere in 2024.


In the new promotional video, the main character Chizuko is introduced as she gets off a bus. Suddenly, a fight breaks out between two characters named Chrome and Berry which catches Chizuko’s attention. Although the fight is cute, it still amazes her. The video ends with her vowing to make magical girls shine even more.

“Acro Trip”
Teaser visual released

Chizuko Date CV #Miku Ito
Chroma CV #Shimazaki Nobunaga
Berry Blossom = Yoshihisa Noichigo CV #Inori Minase
Mashirou CV #Kengo Kasai


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The visual reveals the character design of Chizuko, Chrome, and Berry Blossom.

The leading voice cast has been announced, and here is the list.

CharacterCastOther Works
Chizuko DateMiku ItōKokoro Tsurumaki (BanG Dream! 2)
ChromeNobunaga ShimazakiSeishirō Nagi (BLUELOCK)
Berry BlossomInori MinaseBeta (The Eminence in Shadow)
MashirouKengo KawanishiEita Otoya (BLUELOCK)

Studio Voil is ready to take on the production, and they have announced the staff members who will be working with them.

PositionStaff Other Works
DirectorAyumu KotakeVinland Saga 2
Series CompositionShinichi InotsumePERSONA 5 
Character DesignToshie KawamuraYes! Precure 5
Art DirectorMiwa KawasakiAjin
Sound DirectorRyō TanakaEternal Boys
Sound ProductionAi Addiction91 Days 
Music ProductionKing RecordsMao-chan

The manga has received mixed reviews overall. The plot is perceived as trying too hard to be funny, with a derivative storyline where low-ranked villains strive to regain superiority amidst random slice-of-life elements. 

The lead villain, despite his goofy moments, appears pathetically desperate, while the protagonist obsesses over precure Berry Blossom. However, their duo forms an intriguing chemistry that maintains the interest.

It is now up to the anime adaptation team to decide if they will make any changes to make the series more intriguing. As of now, the animation and design look great, and it will be something to look forward to when the series is released.

About Acro Trip

Acro Trip is a shoujo comedy manga written and illustrated by Yone Sawata. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Ribon magazine in February 2017 and concluded in December 2022. The manga is also inspiring an anime slated for 2024.

It follows the shy otaku girl, Date Chizuko, who’s a big fan of her city’s protector, the magical girl Berry Blossom. However, people have started losing interest in Berry Blossom as the inept and weak villain Chroma has made their fights dull and unexciting.

To make people notice Berry’s exploits again, Chizuko goes down a dark path and meets some strange people.

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