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New Dragon Ball Promo Shows Super Saiyan God Trunks

From the discovery of the Saiyan race during the early parts of Dragon Ball Z to the latest Ultra Instinct, Dragon Ball has showcased over a dozen powerups for the main protagonists and antagonists. Some may find this nonsensical, but this is the reason people keep coming back to Dragon Ball. Recently, @DbsHype on Twitter posted the opening for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, showcasing new characters with Super Saiyan God Trunks bring the most notable.

Fans were welcomed with the animated opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission 11. The clip, which can be seen below, features a series of clips from the anime before Future Trunks shows up.

The news has been out for some time now, however, this is the first official character design for Trunks’ Super Saiyan God form. This video showcased Trunks’ brand new form in a high octane battle scene where Goku and Vegeta are up against a strong villain in their base forms. Goku is carrying his staff on his back, which may be a tactic from the production house to lure fans with the nostalgia. 

Having trouble fighting off this brand new enemy, Goku and Vegeta are sent smashing into the ground. This is where Super Saiyan God Trunks comes in with his brand new form, donning a head full of red hair and a new look. His iconic sword can be seen on his back, however, it does not seem to have been put to use in this battle. The scene cuts away before we get to the outcome of the battle, adding to the anticipation of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

About Dragon Ball:

The series begins with a young monkey-tailed boy named Goku befriending a teenage girl named Bulma. Together, they go on an adventure to find the seven mystical Dragon Balls, which have the ability to summon the powerful dragon Shenron, who can grant whoever summoned him their greatest desire.

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