Baby Goku Makes a Comeback in Exciting Trailer for ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ Anime

  • ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ anime is slated for release in fall 2024. 
  • The anime will follow young Son Goku and Krillin’s adventures.
  • The synopsis suggests that a “conspiracy” made the characters smaller. 

Many of us grew up watching ‘Dragon Ball,’ which introduced us to the anime world in a way that we weren’t even aware of. It is one of the oldest shows that gave rise to the entire Shounen genre. 

Despite running for 40 years, the length of this anime is no joke, and fans still crave to watch this series again. Fortunately, the legendary Akira Toriyama granted us this wish by announcing a new series. Fans are “literally” losing their minds over this news, and here’s all the information we know.

A new ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ anime series trailer was revealed during the “Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour” event. The anime is slated for release in fall 2024. 

“Dragon Ball DAIMA” Son Goku Character Trailer / Fall 2024

In the trailer produced by Toei Animation, we get to see young Goku in action as he eats and fights off a group of monsters. The trailer emphasizes the fluidity of Goku’s movements as he flips and battles with his monstrous opponents. 

Additionally, the trailer showcases several moments where Goku takes on opponents twice his size. One of the most exciting aspects of this trailer is Goku’s use of the Power Pole, which is a magical staff that can change its length during combat.

The synopsis suggests that a “conspiracy” made the characters smaller. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Goku still retains the intelligence that he had in his adult form.

Dragon Ball DAIMA latest information! Special release of character design drawings for this work drawn by Toriyama-sensei! The latest PV featuring Goku has also been released! #dragonball_DAIMA #dragonball

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The event also revealed a character design image for Goku and Krillin. Krillin has been an important part of the Dragon Ball journey, and it will be interesting to see how he assists Goku in this new quest.

Masako Nozawa is returning to voice Son Goku. The staff members were also revealed.

PositionStaffOther Works
Original StoryAkira ToriyamaDragon Ball Z Franchise creator
DirectorYoshitaka YashimaDragon Ball Super
DirectorAya KomakiOne Piece 
Character DesignKatsuyoshi NakatsuruDigimon franchise
Script SupervisorYuuko KakiharaCells at Work!

The new designs and trailer for the series are quite exciting. However, it is unclear who the villains are and how they are connected to the series’ lore. One possibility is that Dabura, the king of the Demon Realm, may return as hinted by the demonic assailants Goku faces in the trailer.

It appears that ‘Daima’ is taking the series in a new direction and not rehashing old plots from ‘GT’ or ‘Super.’ The animation and choreography in the new trailer are exceptional and promise to be a visual marvel for fans. It’s sure to bring back our childhood memories.

About Dragon Ball Daima

A brand-new Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball: Daima, has been confirmed, and will debut in the fall of 2024. The series was announced during the Dragon Ball Special Panel at New York Comic Con 2023.

This series will follow the adventures of Goku and his friends who turned small due to a conspiracy. In order to fix things, they’ll head off to a new world!
It’s a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.
Since Goku has to make up for his petite size, he uses his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight, something not seen in a long time.

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