How to Watch Netflix’s You — Easy Watch Order Guide

Joe Goldberg and his psychopathic tendencies have decided to hop onto the other side of the pond and terrorize folks in London. Yup, that’s what the upcoming season 4 is going to be all about! 

If you’re new to the show and are entirely intrigued by this compelling serial killer, you may want to learn how exactly one must go about binging this show. Here’s your answer to what’s the best way to watch You:

The best way to watch Netflix’s You is as per its release order since all the events/seasons are depicted chronologically. 

Let’s get into the watch order guide!

1. You Chronological Order and Release Order 

As the storyline in You is depicted chronologically, it is best to watch the show as per its release order — that is: season 1, season 2, season 3, and season 4. 

All of You’s seasons are 10 episodes long, with most events being depicted in a chronological order, with little to no flashbacks. In short, the events of S2 take place after S1, S3 takes place after S1 and S2, and so on. This makes it really easy to watch the show as the order is not at all confusing. 

2. You Time & Location Changes

Each season of You takes place in a new location. With the events taking place in chronological order, S1 is set in New York, S2 is set in Los Angeles, S3 is set in the fictitious Californian suburb of Madre Linda, and the upcoming S4 is set in London. 

How to Watch Netflix’s You — Easy Watch Order Guide

With all that Joe (and often, Love) gets up to, it’s hard to imagine that he can stay at any one given place without attracting suspicion towards himself. Season after season, we’re shown why there’s been a need for him to keep changing cities — which in turn, has always kept the show quite fresh. 

The upcoming S4 too will have a location change, as Joe takes his murderous instincts across continents and starts a new life in London. 

3. Does You have any prequels, sequels, or spin-offs?

As of now, You does not have any prequels, sequels or spin-offs. The show only has four seasons containing storylines that are depicted in chronological order. 

While it would be quite interesting to see Joe’s childhood or even his first murderous obsession, there is no prequel series that we can go binge at the moment. To play the devil’s advocate, a spin-off focusing on Love or even baby Henry would also be equally interesting, but there no such projects in the pipeline yet. 

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4. About You

You is an American psychological thriller television series developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. It is based on the bestselling novels of Caroline Kepnes.

The series follows a dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man, Joe, as he takes extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.

The show stars Penn Badgley in the leading role of Joe Goldberg. Additional cast members include Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, STati Gabrielle, and Jenna Ortega, among many others.

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