Netflix Password Sharing Policy Pays Off – Brings New Subscribers

After Netflix took a risk by changing its password-sharing policy and getting the password-sharing users to create accounts of their own, the results have surprisingly been in their favor.

As announced in the company’s Thursday report, Netflix has had an astonishing influx of 9.33 million new subscribers to its platform in just the first quarter of 2024. This marks a significant surge in the already dominant streaming platform’s subscriber base.

Netflix Current Statistics

Netflix’s refusal to budge from its stance on unauthorized account-sharing, with around 100 million people using someone else’s account for free instead of making their own, caused Netflix to expect a backlash from the public. However, the plan to get the freeloaders to transition actually worked in the company’s favor. 

“With more than two people per household on average, we have an audience of over half a billion people,” the company had written in its letter to its investors. “No entertainment company has ever programmed at this scale and with this ambition before.”

Moreover, Netflix has announced that it will stop reporting quarterly paid membership and revenue per subscriber, marking a shift in strategy as it ventures towards more traditional performance metrics. With its current performance surpassing the analysts’ estimates, things are looking good for the globally used streaming platform.

Netflix password-sharing crackdown finally hits most of the U.S. in Q2
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